Tapioca and Tempest

We were cleaning up dinner and Colter went to the barn to check on the goats.  My phone rang and soon the yell of, “Babies!” echoed through the house.  Everyone dropped what they were doing and ran (not that they were upset about not being able to finish cleaning up) to the barn.  We had expected that Thalia was very close, so we had her separated in one of the smaller kidding stalls.  Within minutes, we had two beautiful baby girls.  Meet Tapioca and Tempest!

baby goats tempest and tapioca_2

baby goats tempest and tapioca_1

Tapioca and Tempest spent the night cuddled up with each other, and the next day we took them out to get some pictures.

tempest and tapioca_blog_1

tempest and tapioca_blog_2

tempest and tapioca_blog_3

tempest and tapioca_blog

Aren’t they adorable?  Tapioca is more feisty and Tempest is a little sweetie.

Ten pregnant goats done.  Seven more to go!

Kid count: 8 bucklings. 12 doelings.



 2014 Goat Birth Stories

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