Love The Family Business Testimonials

We have a new testimonial and feedback system, but didn’t want to lose all of the great things that people have said about our goat milk soap and other stuff so they are listed below.

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Love the family business

“Wow! What an inspiration you all are. We are a homeschool family that have a poultry farm with a few goats. We’ve had our goats a couple of years and are just beginning our “milking” adventure. My youngest child is allergic to cow milk, hence our attempt in dairy goat farming. We recently received our soap order from you and were VERY pleased. Your commitment to quality is evident. Thank you for your hard work! Phil. 4:4″
– Gretchen 4/6/2011

“Awesome! You guys are the best.”
– Sarah 4/2/2011

“I received the order, thank you very much. We have a small family business too, so I understand the importance of hard work, honesty, and good customer service. 🙂 I love supporting and dealing with small businesses, especially when they are family owned. The lemongrass smells heavenly, thank you for the samples. It will definitely be on a future order. 🙂 The Honey Oat is still a favorite, it smells so clean and feels so great on the skin. Best wishes with your business, I look forward to ordering again in the future. Have a joyful and creative day!”
– Pam 4/1/2011

”Yeap address looks good. I love following your family and reading all the articles everyone does, oh and the videos too. You finally broke me and I ordered! Keep up the good work everyone!! Thanks again! Cant wait for my order!”

– Sara 3/31/2011

”Thank you so much!!! We are also a homeschool family and are so happy to support your family business!!!!”

– Kellye 3/31/2011

”Well, thanks! I am super impressed with your products and your family! It has really lifted my spirits to have my skin feel sooooo good! I am telling everyone I talk with about it, too!”

– Tonia 3/25/2011

”Hi Goat Milk Soap! Just wanted to say how easy it is to place an order on your website – very user-friendly & fun to look at, too! I’m excited to try out the new scents & really appreciate the free samples! Congratulations on your business success -”

– Sharon 3/24/2011

”Dear PJ and Crew, I am so excited to find a family owned and operated soap business. I just can’t wait to get the items that I ordered. I am a 150% supported of small family owned businesses.”

– Lisa 3/15/2011

”Thank you so much!!!! I know there are a lot of websites out there where you can order the goat’s milk soap but once I found your website, I looked no further!! You have an amazing business and an amazing family!! I look forward to getting my soap and purchasing from your website in the future. Take care!”

– Christina 3/11/2011

”Thank you and yes that is the correct address. I am so excited to get my soap. I wanted to tell you also that I love your web site. I have showed so many people it. It great to see a family working together. Have a blessed day.”

– Kelly 3/10/2011

”Thanks so much….I love supporting family run businesses and one that comes with such a high recomendation as my friend gave you definitly gets my support! Can’t wait to try my new soap!Have a wonderful day,”

– Tracy 3/8/2011

”PJ, Thank you. I love supporting American family businesses (especially Christian). I love your story. You have a beautiful family. I heard you on Mid-Morning with Lynn Ford, (WBCL-Ft.Wayne). Yes my American bulldog loved his bath. The soap was amazing and it worked just like you said it would. I know God will continue to bless your business because you make it about our Maker. Thanks again. Sincerely,”

– Donnette 3/6/2011

”Thank you so much! Got the soap today and love every one as always! Take care and we’ll order again soon!! Thank Brett and the kids as well for their awesome work everytime! You are an amazing family. ”

– Nicole 3/3/2011

“Thank YOU! My husband and I have just recently been trying to go green and organic 🙂 so this is perfect!!!!! I am excited to try out your product! I love your children’s names too by the way 🙂 “
jami 2/23/2011

“My friend, Cathy Zimmerer, met your family in the airport recently. At our book club meeting tonight, she regaled us with the story of meeting your amazing family… I have spent the last hour or so perusing your website. I love homemade soaps, and am optimistic that I will love yours. I also am looking forward to receiving the hand-knitted washcloths. I plan on sharing them with my grandchildren (ages 8 and 5). Cathy was so impressed with the self-confidence of the kids, and it shows on this website. There is a lot of creativity in your family. Best regards,”
Connie 2/18/2011

“Hi Jonas!! I met you in the Louisville airport a few weeks ago when you were heading to Disney and visit with Grandparents. Our group was heading for a cruise. I fell in love with your family and your lifestyle. I told you I would order some soap and here’s my first order. I am actually having the 25 people that I cruised with over to my house in a few weeks and we’re going to play some games so I’m giving your soap away as a Prize. I’m keeping a few for myself. I have 10 grandchildren and I may be buying more if it helps acne, as a few are teenagers. Hope you had a great vacation and everyone stayed healthy!! I admire your family!! Good luck with your products!! God Bless you all,”
Cathy 2/17/2011

“You are awesome! Thank you!”
Terri 2/11/2011

“Thanks, Gretchen. The address is correct, and I love this family business. I’m glad they have you and others to help them while they are away.”
Revka 2/2/2011

“Great newsletter! I enjoyed the videos and think Brett is a natural in front of the camera. I tell everyone about your products and family. Take care. Praying you get your farm. Where’s Brett’s Minnie Mouse dress?”
Vicki 2/2/2011

“I’ve seen the videos, I’ve read the blog, & I’m totally impressed! Can’t wait to see you guys! I know I’m on strike three, but this is really our time!!!”
Mark 2/2/2011

“Thank you! I’m so excited to try my first order of Goat Milk Stuff! I love reading your blog too. :)”
Jamie 1/25/2011

“I first saw your business featured a while back on the local television news. I really enjoy your facebook posts. You have a very special and wonderful family! I can’t wait to try your soaps and sugar scrubs!”
Brenda 1/24/2011

“I met your family at the Kentucky Fair about 4yrs ago. I was selling beef jerky. Happy to see you and your wife and kids are doing well ! Just found your card and I need more of your soap the BEST goat milk soap I have ever had ! Wish you and the family good health and great times . Thank-You “
Francine 1/21/2011

“Thank you Jonas family!!! Keep up the great work!!! “
Mandi 1/14/2011

“Gave away all of the soaps in my last order. Now time to order for me! Can’t wait to try the lip balm. So enjoy seeing the latest video and photos. Loved the one of the Jonas 8 in the winter hats and coats. Such wonderful smiles. “
Elaine 1/12/2011

“Just wanted to say Hi & hope you had a fun Holiday! We enjoyed meeting you at the Christmas Show : )”

Kelly 1/12/2011

“My niece, recommended your soap. I have very dry and sensitive skin. I can not wait to receive mine! She has now ordered soap from you on a number of occasions and absolutely swears by it! I love your website and you have a beautiful family. Congratulations on such a fine business. I ordered some samples to share with my friends. “
Deb 1/10/2011

“Okay I just watched your like us on facebook video and I have to say you had me a 3! LOL it was so cute! And who does not like good soap!”
– Kaydee 1/7/2011

“Love your Christmas message.”
– Linda 12/29/2010

“Found you online while searching for goat’s milk products. Lovvvve your website and personal stories. You are an inspiration to this fellow home-schoo mom. God bless you as you serve Him by serving your family.”
– Angela 12/28/2010

“So happy to see another wonderful family business in Indiana! Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!”
– Barbara 12/27/2010

“OMG!!! I saw you guys at the PA Craft showww!! I was talking to Emoryyy!!! I love your family!!! I was telling him how I like to knit too!! I hope you guys are there next year so I can see you guys again!!! My mom bought a lot!! Loveeee it! Tell Emory I said HEY!! If he remembers meeee! Me and my sis (Megan) were chatting with himm!! :)”
– Maddie 12/7/2010

“Greetings Jonas clan! It was a “refreshing” first look @ your family biz! May God continually bless you to be blessings!”
– Eddie 12/6/2010

“I truly think what makes your product so unique, is that you allow your customers to have that “connection” with you. Pretty much why my last receipt is still hanging on my frig too. l.o.l I love those cute children signatures!”
– KiKi 12/5/2010

“I got our second box today. Good thing, the twins were asking about their rubby duckies. I love how quick you get things out. And I second doing business with an honest family too. Oh… and I’m putting my bill on the frig with the girls stuff. I love how your kids wrote their names on my receipt. Too cute!!!”
– Kiki 11/22/2010

“Our box just arrived today! I LOVE the super quick shipping!! I adore the bath bombs and can’t wait to use my Bath Fizzy tonight! Can’t wait to try the laundry soap either, I have heard wonderful things about it! It’s is a joy to to do business with such an honest family! Thank you for realizing my order could fit in… a smaller box and crediting my account. I love, love, love getting my shipment from Goats Milk Stuff!!”
– Christina 11/22/2010

“After Ashley and I made our order last night, her sister joined us and looked at your photo’s. They love your goats. I loved how it made my order that much more personal. Thanks again for letting me have the scents I wanted in the CLEFFS, even though they were sold out.”
– KiKi 11/18/2010

“Enjoyed seeing your family today and buying the best soap! Your kids are great!”
– Lori 11/13/2010

“Loved seeing you all in action! The kiddos are precious!!!”
– Jill 11/12/2010

“That’s so cool. I love seeing what goes on behind the scenes of my favorite goat milk soap family. And PJ, you look AMAZING after having 8 kids (had to add that).”
– Mandi 11/11/2010

“Everything looks good! We are happy to support your family business. You guys have such wonderful products, not to mention the great work ethic you are instilling in your children. You guys rock! Thanks for everything.”

– Angela Kaufman 11/9/2010

“Your are a sweet family and so enjoyed meeting you at the festival. The love of Christ shines through all you do! Blessings,”
– Regina 10/23/2010

” I met Jim and the 2 of ur children at Glendale Days and bought several!! Ur boys were absolutely adorable and extemely polite, very well mannered. I got home and tried the soaps…and I’m in love!!! I just ordered more, including the laundry soap and bought shaving kit for my boyfriend as Christmas gift….can’t wa…it to get all my stuff. Thanks so much :)”
– Satina 10/23/2010

“Thanks PJ! I am super excited to try some new soaps, especially the pet soap for our stinky fleabag (literally). I tried the laundry soap and love it, however need to finish up my costco sized container before I totally switch to GMS laundry soap. That will be in the next order! I love your company, it is so great to support an American family directly as opposed to a mega-corporation with purchases that I have to make and to get great, pure products that are good for my family and the environment. Have a great day!”
– Kristi 10/21/2010

“Dear Fletcher, Thank you for a great job packing and sending my soaps! what a great enterprise your parents have down there. My soaps smell wonderful and I will plan on ordering more from your family soon. Have a great day! Sincerely,”

– Melanie, Indiana 10/20/2010

“I always love getting your emails. I’m so excited to try the pet soap. I can’t wait to get a whiff of the pumpin bar! I love reading your update on the family. I love seeing the children and hearing about what they are all doing. Just want to say thank you for letting me be a small part of your huge family of customers. Your customer service is the absolute best. Please tell Brett, Fletcher and Greyden thank you for taking care of my order.”
– Beverly 10/18/2010

“Hi PJ, I am looking forward to trying everything. Great to see business is booming-I am very excited for you all! What a wonderful blessing to be able to all work together and be so productive. I love your blogs and website. Really enjoy seeing the kids-I remember Brett as a darling, adorable little girl, Colter and Emery as such polite little boys. I am feeling old right now looking at their pics! Please tell Jim we said Hi-you two were and still are a hoot!!!”
– Cathy 10/18/2010

“I was so excited when I read your article. First, I can support a local business. Second, it is a family business, and thirdly, it’s great for my family and the environment. I’m so jealous of you that you all found such a wonderful way to support your family and provide for their health and that of the environment. Congratulations and best wishes!”
– Julie 10/18/2010

“Hello PJ ~ I was surfing through your website today and found such happiness over how amazing your family is. I was led to you by a friend who confirms all of your great reviews. Her words were “I am actually excited to get home and wash my face! It makes it fun again!” This was in regards to your tea tree soap. So I will be trying it, and others, and looking to share her excitement! Please tell Brett and Greyden ‘thank you’ for their hard work! Blessings to you and your family! Thank you for doing what you do!”

– Cheri 10/14/2010

“I like GMS because I am so happy with your company! I found your website when searching for natural soap products when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I loved that GMS is a family run business so I decided to try. PJ sent such a nice email after I ordered, and the products I ordered were phenomenal, so I looked up GMS on FB and liked. :)”
– Kelly 10/14/2010

“Thanks, PJ-I enjoyed reading about your family business. My husband heard about you, and sent me the link to your site. I’ve got some challenging skin problems that are agitated by all those unpronounceable chemicals in most body care products– imagine how happy I am to find a place like yours! I’ll give it a try and then be back when it works! Thanks, and blessings-“
– Tab 10/9/2010

“You’all are awesome! Thank you for evrything”
– Charles 10/1/2010

“It was great meeting you guys at the Madison Chataqua. My boss told me he and his wife stopped by your booth and bought quite a bit of soap, too. We both commented on how outgoing and knowledgeable your daughter was. It was nice to see. Not only are your soaps great but your family is a pleasure as well. PS. I hope your family realizes they can never stop making these soaps we all love them too much!;) “
– Chandra 9/27/2010

“PJ, Thank you for taking the time to make sure it is all correct.Looking forward to my new order! I really love everything that I have used from you guys. Thank you for making such great products! I only wish that we lived in Indianna so that we could come by the farm and meet the whole family. You seem to have such wonderful children, and I think it is great that you all work together as a family to make your soap. Thanks again for everything! Sincerely,”
– Amber 9/22/2010

“Thank you so much. I am so excited after reading the information on your website. I think what you are doing is great. Especially getting your kids involved!”
– Jennifer 9/21/2010

“Have I told you lately How happy I am for your family and ALL the wonderful opportunites coming your way? God is really blessing your business and family. God is so proud of you!! I am sooo happy for you. Love your products. Haven’t been doing much visitations these past few months. I hope to get back into the swing and will need to place order.”
– Sandi 9/14/2010

“PJ. I love the photo’s you put up. It makes buying your product that much more personal.”
– KiKi 9/11/2010

“Awesome family, fabulous soap, a must to share with others….”
– Terri 9/4/2010

“Beautiful family…what a blessing.”
– Angie 9/3/2010

“PJ..I cannot tell you just how much I admire you and your family and especially the way you and Jim are raising them!! I was raised in the deep South in a very Christian family where FAMILY is ALWAYS #1 and I TOTALLY agree that is is PAST t…ime for the reality producers to start showing POSITIVE loving examples instead of focusing on negativity!! The lessons your children are learning will follow down through the generations of your family lines and will bless MILLIONS!! You ALREADY do!!! Thank you for all your kindness to me and always taking the time to answer my emails!! I am SO excited to try to get back to a more natural life for Lonnie and I and raising Goats!! Oh and Lonnie and I are getting MARRIED!!! Thank you again!!!”
– Janet 9/1/2010

“Way to go, Fletcher! I still have the washcloth that I bought from you last summer at the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, INdiana. It was your first one. I think of you and Emery every time I see that washcloth and every time I use my Goat Milk Soap! You were both good salesmen :)”
– Charlene 8/31/2010

“It was great seeing you and your family today. Love the lip balm and lotion.”
– Millie 8/31/2010

“What a beautiful family! Warms my heart. :-)”
– MaryBeth 8/30/2010

“You have more than 8 cute kids! The human ones are adorable, but the goats are cute, too.”
– Bonnie 8/23/2010

“Thanks for the reply, and as always love your soaps! I’m now basking in Chardonnay! Your website is really getting quite good, lots of stuff to look at and order. The kids sure are growing and I don’t mean the barn ones. It’s so much fun to watch as everyone changes and grows….its as though your all a piece of everyone’s family. Continued success, but I think you already have it.”

– Cathy 8/13/2010

“This is my first time on your website, and I just wanted to say thank you for being so open about your faith, and for glorifying our God in all that you do! I can’t wait to order from you, and I pray that the Lord will continue to richly bless you and your beautiful family as you seek to honor Him! In Him,”

– Theresa 8/12/2010

“Thank you PJ. I met some of your family at the Pierogi Fest in Whiting and love your product and your story. I always like to support family owned businesses.”

– Suzie, Indiana 8/10/2010

“Hi PJ! I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletter and think your new website is phenomenal – so easy to navigate, great graphics/photos – love how colorful it is. You’re doing a fabulous job of building your business with the basics: great product, wonderful presentation, and fast delivery. The fact that we consumers get to see the precious faces behind the product make it all that more special to purchase Goat Milk Soap! May God Bless & Keep You & Your Family,”
– Sharon, Kentucky 8/10/2010

“I really can’t wait to try these. I have started having a bad reaction to store soaps and they also really dried out my skin so I thought I would try your soaps. I have heard a lot of good about them. I think that it is really neat that your family all works together for the business. You don’t see this much now a days. I just watched the video of you all in the news. Your children all seem so well behaved and so sweet. I love to contribute to small businesses so I would glad that I found you. Hope you have a great day and tell everyone to keep up the great work!”
– Miriam 7/27/2010

“Hello, I was recently on youtube, and came across a review of your product. I read about your family and think what you are doing is absolutly fantastic! What a great way to teach your children the responsibilities of life! You really dont find families these days, with the values of team work! I am planning on purchasing some soaps, as soon as the I have a little extra spending money… Keep up the good work. You really put a smile on my face…”
– Ashley 7/25/2010

“Hi PJ, It’s wonderful that you and your family work together. Thank you again!”
– Kelly, New York 6/26/10

“Just left feedback on the website. Again, thanks for all you and your family do for the rest of us.
You have wonderful products and values. Not easy to find in most people these days.
Thanks so much Jonas family! I truly love all your products that I’ve tried. Just recently started
using the laundry soap. It’s wonderful and so much cheaper than what I was typically using (Tide).
Thanks again for putting such wonderful products out there for us. Enjoy your upcoming vacation!”
– Tina, Arkansas 6/23/10

“Hello- Thank you so much! I love how fast you respond to your customers ! I also love the fact that I placed
my order with a family ran business! I myself come from a family ran business and I truly understand the
importance of sticking together 🙂 I myself look forward in doing a review. 🙂 Take Care,”
– Holly, California 6/8/10

“Thanks PJ! I am a Hoosier native myself (originally from Fort Wayne, though now living in TN)
and a fellow believer in Christ and I love the way you guys are all involved as a family in the business!
I enjoyed reading your website, blog and watching the news video of the farm. You have adorable kids!
Can’t wait to try out your products! And the next time I’m headed north maybe I can come by to pick up my
next order in person and meet you and your goats! God bless you,”
– Kristen, Tennessee 6/6/10

“PJ… After I read about your soap, I called both Kim and Andi and told them about it, then sent them an email telling them they
had to check it out! I’m so impressed with what you and Jim have done, not only with your business but with your children.
You have a great deal to be proud of…so in light of that, Happy Mother’s Day Sunday, and I hope they give you a well earned day off!
Thanks again for your help. “
– Peggy, North Carolina 5/3/10

“Thanks so much! We continue to love your soap (and now lotion sticks), and equally love the the opportunity to help support (in a small way) a fellow
homeschool family. I loved the news clip of your family, by the way – especially your daughter’s response to the reporter’s question about getting
along – too cute! Take care,”
– Jennifer, Texas 3/22/10

“In addition to the fact that your soaps are wonderful, I like them even better because they are created by your nice family and I am helping
to support an independent and ethical business. So it’s a win-win all around!”
– Becki, North Carolina 3/15/10

“Thank you so much…I have to say, you have the most amazing family..I love watching the video and I think it is wonderful that everyone down to the smallest
of the children get involved. I too will have to buy a few homemade washcloths. I will go back in to your shop and purchase a few more soaps. Did mine already
get shipped?? Or is it now easier to make this two separate purchases?.. I am so excited to try this.. I cant begin to tell you how many soaps and lotions I
have gone through..xo”
– Kim, California 3/4/10

“WOW! Thanks so much. Yall are the best… Please send my thanks to the kids as well.. Keep up the good work. Your family is very inspirational to ours.
I mean, if you can make it with 8 kids, we shouldn’t lose our minds with one, right? Thanks again”
– Jenny, Texas 3/2/10

“Thank you so much! I think your business venture is exciting! Sounds like business is good
and the memories are amazing I am sure! Enjoy the weekend!”
– Wendy, Illinois 1/22/10

“Thank you so much. My family met part of yours at the Chataqua in Madison, IN last year. We really enjoyed your soap and we were exceptionally impressed with your
children. Plus we think it’s awesome that you have created a business that supports your family as well as making products that help people live their lives in
better ways. I can’t wait for my soap and I wish you well in your business and the future that you are creating for your children. Thank you!”
– Judy Mosley 1/20/10

“Thank you so much! I love that your kids help with everything!
It makes me that much more proud of my purchase! My skin is so dry right now…I can’t wait to see how this soap feels!”
– Kara, Ohio 1/8/10

“Yay! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try the soaps out .. and to tell my 5 year old that children helped make and pack and ship it! Enjoy your vacation ..
I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us soon! Be well ~”
– Karan, New Jersey 1/4/10

“Yalls so awesome!”
– Bellebritt 12/11/2009

“PJ- Hi, I attended the Ballard High School show today and met your lovely older daughter.
She is quit the sales lady. I had my 2 young boys with me and she pegged their ages right off. She did a wonderful job and I wanted to
commend you on her knowledge of the products/scents and just how well she spoke of everything. My boys bathed tonight with the sugary pink soap and I could eat
them up afterwards. Looking forward to trying it myself. It
was so nice to see your boys come into the booth as we talked with your daughter and just pick up the crocheting she had been doing prior to us stopping by. I was
glad my boys saw that and all the pictures you had displayed from the farm. They couldn’t wait to tell my husband about it. My youngest (4yrs.) kept asking me,
“Where’s all the boy stuff, mom?” I was so glad to run across your booth and he never asked me that again…thank you.”
– Tanya, Kentucky 12/6/2009

"Thanks, PJ. I met your husband and 3 of your children at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville in August. We were vendors in the automotive section and I was just strolling through the Woman’s World area on Sunday since t was quieter in our booth that day. I was so impressed with the 2 boys (I didn’t really speak to your daughter) and how easily they spoke to me. I asked Jim if they were homeschooled and he said they were. There was just something in the way they spoke and handled themselves. My grandchildren are homeschooled as well and the 2 boys reminded me of our grandsons.Blessings to you and your family. Keep up the good work."
   -Dorothy, Canada

"Thanks PJ, great site! Love that your family all work together, so few do these days. Mine is like yours and I wouldn’t change it for anything!"
   – Mary, North Carolina

"My husband and I were at the Blueberry Festival
in Plymouth, Indiana, yesterday. As I was
waiting near your booth for my husband, I heard
your son, Emery, asking everyone who passed by
if they wanted a free sample of goat milk soap.
If they said yes, he then asked them if they had
ever used goat milk soap and went on to explain
the benefits. I stood for awhile, listening and
watching, before I went over to get my free
sample. I couldn’t help but take my sample and
then ask questions just to hear Emery answer
with such confidence. I was very impressed! The
expression and smile on his face just captured
my heart. I asked about his family and he told
me all of their names, only to quiz me later. 🙂
Then I asked how many boys and how many girls,
and after he told me the number, I had to guess
which ones were the girls! When I was able to
tell Fletcher his name, he was amazed. "How did
I know that?", he asked. I told him that I had
been a teacher, and that teachers know a lot of
things. I talked for awhile to your husband and
to the boys and needless to say, I purchased
some soap, one of Fletcher’s favorite, a gift
package (for myself) and the second dishcloth
ever that Fletcher had made (due to some secret
prompting by Emery). It must have been those
cute faces!
   I must say that meeting your boys and your husband was the
highlight of my trip to the Blueberry Festival.
I just can’t get those faces out of my mind. Jim
gave me a card with your blog site on it and I
just visited to see the rest of the family. I am
sure that there is never a dull moment around
your household, but you have such a lovely
family. One can feel the love and respect you
have for each other just by being in the
presence of your children and by reading your
blog. Thank you for sharing!"
   – Charlene

"Thanks, PJ!  Just wanted to let
you know that I stumbled upon your site
yesterday, and just HAD to order some soap when
I read that you’re a Christian, homeschooling
family! We are, too. I want to try your soap to
see if it helps our 10-yr-old Adam’s dry skin in
the winter. Sometimes his knuckles crack and
bleed. (CO winters are soooooo dry!) We own a
share of a goat herd to get raw milk, but there
isn’t extra to make soap. 
Blessings to you and your family!"
      – Paula, Colorado

"I can’t wait to get my package and try your
soap. I think that it’s great that you get the
whole family involved in the process."
     – Tina, Arkansas

"I stopped by your table today and spoke with
your youngest daughter and son. What a delight
they were. The youngest had the basket offering
a sample of your soap.  I would like to
compliment you primarily on how nice the
children were. I did purchase the kool koala,
after I told your son I loved mint scents. He
was so helpful and knowledgeable about your
soap. I wish I had purchased a few more bars.
Again, they were a delight. God Bless your
     – Tonie, Indiana

"That was a great article on your family in the
paper this am. I am local and plan to look you
up at the Charlestown days.  It is terrific
to read about a family that is teaching the
values of work ethics. I look forward to meeting
     – Jennifer, Indiana

"I have had two bars of your soap, they
have an
awesome smell and feel.  Your children do a great
job at the markets, they answered a lot of
questions for me and my husband on the soap. "
– Tracey, Kentucky

"I received the soap I ordered yesterday and
am so delighted. The lilac and honeysuckle soaps
are magnificent. I must tell you your family is
enchanting, intelligent, well spoken and just
wonderful. The children’s enthusiasm, knowledge
and honesty would sell the soap even if it
weren’t such a wonderful product. My friends and
I were completely captivated by them. It
certainly shows they are being raised by caring
parents who see to their spiritual, moral,
physical and educational needs. Besides that,
you guys must be a lot of fun because the
children are so happy.  Thank you for
making the goat soap. I look forward to
purchasing many more bars. It just makes my skin
feel so good. "
            – Gail,

"Hi PJ, I was so excited to meet Colter,
Emery and Jim today at the Wanamaker Fair! Your
little ones are the sweetest, most polite boys…
and great salesmen! I had ordered some soap a
few months back when Jennifer McKinney posted a
link to your site on her blog. I saw you were
going to be at the Wanamaker Fair and stopped by
to pick up a couple more bars for my mom. Of
course, they managed to talk me into getting
FIVE more bars! : ) Your soap is great and my
whole family is enjoying using it. I was passing
the soap around to some friends at the fair, and
they were heading over there to get their own!
Hope you all have a good turnout today! 
Take Care,"
            – Kendra,

"My mom and I went to the Christmas craft
show this past weekend.  We bought some of your
soaps and love the smell.  I also wanted to tell
you how helpful and professional your son was to
the customers."
            – Jessica, Indiana

"Thanks so much! I can only imagine how
fantastic your home must smell, always filled
with these gorgeous soaps. I was amazed at the
way my first order’s worth of soap made my home
smell so good.  What a wonderful product
you provide, and what an inspiration your family
is.  Warm regards."
          – Tara, California

"Hi guys.  I just wanted to let you know I
really enjoyed meeting you all and how well
behaved sweet adorable kids you have.  It is
such a joy for me to see brothers and sisters
getting along and enjoying each other.  I just
wanted to pass that along and I enjoyed my
shower this morning with my new soap.  I hope
you all have a Merry Christmas and and wonderful
safe new year.  Really enjoy your trip to
                        – Bonnie, Indiana

"I want to compliment you on one of your sons
that came up to me and told me about the soap. He
was very courteous, informative, sincere and
believes in his product. Of course I couldn’t
resist; I bought the Fiji Island fragrance.
Can’t wait to give it a try. I have viewed your
website, you have a beautiful family."
                       – Karen, Indiana

 "Hi, I met your son at the garage sale last
weekend. He gave me a sample and I am hooked on
your soap, You must be very proud of your
children. I did not get his name but he really
knew his stuff. I was amazed at his professional
language.  I then looked at your web site and
found out you home school your children, that
explains why.  It is a pleasure doing business
with you."
                        – Anna, Indiana

"Hi there!  I just received my copy of the
Creative Knitting Newsletter. As I was reading
one of the articles, I saw this paragraph and
immediately knew who the little boy was:

Here’s a little Knitting In Public story: At the
Kentucky State Fair, I saw a boy, age 9,
knitting cotton washcloths as he sat in a booth
run by his parents. He told me his mom had
taught him to knit. He was working on a garter
stitch washcloth that a customer had requested.
The next day his dad was there knitting. He was
fixing the washcloth that another, younger son
was making. The younger boy had trouble at the
beginning of the rows and needed a little help
with that.

I thought this was awesome since I too stopped and
talked to your little guy because not only do I
love your soaps – I also love to knit. 
Have a great day,"
Cherry, Kentucky