Love Your Other Stuff Testimonials

We have a new testimonial and feedback system, but didn’t want to lose all of the great things that people have said about our goat milk soap and other stuff so they are listed below.

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Love Your Other Stuff

“I picked up the wonderful package from the post office yesterday. We LOVE everything. My daughter says she wants it all! We are so excited to present this package all wrapped at our auction. I will keep you posted. Our auction is tomorrow night. Thank you so much for the many extras and your wonderful product. We will have to place an order for us soon.”

– Angie 4/5/2011

“I have had a few orders with you guys and love the products!”
– Allison 4/1/2011

”I haven’t got to try the scrub yet but O MERCY the lip balm. I will have to order again but I didn’t get one. Mom took honey and son took chocolate. I wanted to rub it on my tongue so see if it tasted like it smelled. I am going to post one of the video from you tube on my facebook telling everyone that I know what wonderful products that you have not to mention the fast service. I wanted your permission before I did post you guys on my facebook.”

– Lisa 3/25/2011

”Thanks for shipping our past order so fast! The soaps and lotions are helping my children’s skin conditions. We went thru the lotion stick already, can you make a bigger tube? My son who is 7 years old cried and fussed everytime we had to put lotion on him in the past because he did not like the feel and it would make his skin itch. We had no trouble using your Lotion Stick! Praise the Lord! It had become such a chore to get him ‘greased’ up in the past, but no more! He loves the lotion stick and did not even mind the scent ( we tried pink sugary first, he said it smelled like cherry pop-tarts). My 14 year old daughter’s face has horrible dry spots from her allergies and the lotion stick does not bother her like regular lotions have and it has helped immensely even after only one week! We have been out now for several days and their skin is getting dry again. Send our order quick! You can use these comments for your comments section if you would like! We love GMS! ”

– Vivian 3/25/2011

”PJ,Thank you so much! I absolutely love your products and am going to be purchasing more things for gifts for family and friends! Keep milking the goats! 🙂 ”

– Tracie 3/25/2011

”Dear Jonas Family, I just received another wonderful shipment of “stuff”. This is the first I have tried the sugar scrubs and they are wonderful. I bought them to try on my dry feet, but thought I would try them on my face. I have very acne prone skin so I was very hesitant. In the shower, at first, my face felt very greasy. After my shower I always use Neutrogena moisturizer, so I reached for that and then stopped to realize that I don’t feel like I need it after using the sugar scrub. My face is feeling great and not oily at all. My dry feet are loving it as well. And the scents are so yummy. I will have to buy more for sure. ”

– Angela 3/24/2011

”Thank YOU! I’m looking froward to it! Thanks for making excellent products 🙂 I’ll let you know how I like the lime. God Bless your family and business!”

– Diane 3/22/2011

”Thanks, PJ! My mother-in-law loves your products and got me hooked! I love the stain stick! I have been looking for an all natural product that gets tough stains out and I am so happy to have found it!!! I also made the homemade laundry soap with your laundry soap bar and love it! Plus, I am the second oldest of 11 children, so I am happy to support big families! Thanks for all your hard work!”

– Danielle 3/22/2011

”Thank you so much! We love the laundry soap, it saves so much money. We are also a homeschooling family and love it.”

– Tina 3/22/2011

”Your cream stick healed my feet. Cant wait for some new scents and samples. Phyllis Hunfeld gave me my miracle cream.”

– Ciao 3/19/2011

”Thank you. My family LOVES your products. ”

– Kathie 3/17/2011

”Hi Gang! Just wanted to say how much I love my order! Totally enjoyed the lavender bath ball last night!”

– Karen 3/16/2011

“I wish the lotion stick didn’t smell so good. It takes so long to put my son’s lotion on because he has to keep smelling it. :)”

– Michelle 3/12/2011

”I got my order on Saturday & LOVE the Nautical lotion tub!! And im trying not to eat my peach chapstick lol. Thank you SO much for my suprise of the Nautical soap i appreciate it SO much! Im heading to San Diego on the 26th for a much neede vacation to my parents timeshare, thank god for free vacations lol, and cant wait to use my Nautical stuff there! Thank you so much again! P.S. I love the new OMH discription!”

– Kristina 3/14/2011

”Thank you so much PJ! Looking forward to more product. Enjoyed what I purchased at the Harrisburg show. Your family is delightful.”

Gale 3/9/2011

”The pet bar is amazing! It lathers great!!”
– Nicole 3/5/2011

”Thanks! My husband is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan for a long while. I can’t wait to send him off with some good soap and lotion. ”

– Jenay 3/3/2011

”Thank you!! My cousin introduced me to your products because every detergent I bought was breaking me out and drying out my skin. I LOVE your products!! Can’t wait to try new soaps!”

– Michelle 3/1/2011

“Thank you! I heard of your business last Friday on the Mid Morning program on WBCL radio. I was so interested that I had to check out your website. Actually one bar of pet soap is for me and the other is for my daughter’s dog. We are looking forward to trying it. Thanks again.”
Karen 2/28/2011

“Received yesterday. Great “stuff”…I will enjoy using it. Thanks!”
Gayle 2/17/2011

“Thank you so much, I love your products!!! Blessings you your family. “
Melissa 2/16/2011

“My goodies arrived today! I love my laundry soap… Thank You. Happy Valentines Day!”
Terri 2/14/2011

“Thank you. We love your products.”
Carol 2/2/2011

“Great stuff. Colter does a great job!”
Richard 1/29/2011

“These will be Valentine gifts!!!! The choc. bar & lotion stick is for my daughter, Jenna, who is a crew chief on a CH-53 heliocopter for the Marines—If she goes to Afghanistan, I’ll be ordering some of the bug soap!!!! My friends & family love the soaps—Hope you get some orders from my giving!!!! Thanks so much & have a great day!!!! “
Rita 1/26/2011

“Thanx PJ, you make terrific products!”
Stephen 1/25/2011

“I absolutly Love your product!!”

Barbara 1/25/2011

“Hey– we got another teacher to order from you as well! YEAH! She loves your “stuff.”Thanks for the great work you do and the wonderful learning opportunities you’ve shared with us in class.”
Tab 1/24/2011

“I love the shampoo bar! I bought a half size first, just to try. I like it–I have oily hair–so now I need the large one. Thanks! Gonna try the sugar scrubs for valentine’s day. :)”
Beth 1/23/2011

“Can’t wait to try the pet bar! Thanks again for all your great products!”
Jennifer 1/20/2011

“Hi Jonas Family! Just thought I would let you know that I loved my newest shipment! I wasn’t sure about the chocolate soap….while I love chocolate, I’m not a huge chocolate scent fan, however-YUM! It smells so good, it makes you really want to take a bite! I also love the scrubs! I used a pink sugary one tonight on my hands and face, and love it, I then put the pink sugary lotion stick on my hands. It’s such an “innocent” smell. The baby powder soap is “prettier” than I thought and really smells like baby powder. I think I now have one bar of all of your soaps….just for me:). I have given sooo many away. People just HAVE to try them! I wish you the best on your proposal for the new/bigger property…the thought of moving everything seems daunting. Too bad all of your fans (such as me) couldn’t help you, when that time comes. When that time comes-at least your move will “smell” good:). Thanks for everything and you are in my prayers! “
Annie 1/19/2011

“I have read MckMama’s rave reviews of your products for a while now but I just now made it over to your site. Wow! You have tons of great products. My husband, son & I all have sensitive skin so we are always trying to get our personal care products as natural as possible. I make all our cleaning products and soaps (sans shampoo & conditioner) but castille soap is too rough on our skin still. I’m SO excited to see goats milk soap replace castille and eliminate petroleum from our lotion. I can’t wait to receive our products:).”
Rachel 1/14/2011

“Cannot wait to try the sugar scrubs! YAY! Thanks so much for your wonderful products! “
Jennifer 1/14/2011

“We are enjoying our first order and want more! The chocolate fudge sounds fun!! Thanks and I love your videos.”
Cindy 1/13/2011

“I also wanted to tell you that my OMH lotion stick saved me the past couple of days. I was traveling back from Armenia and I caught a terrible cold. I was blowing my nose so much that it was red and raw so I started putting the lotion stick on the end of my nose after every blow and sniff! It helped SOOO much. I know you guys are all international and stuff already but just so you know, your products have now been used in Armenia and Poland too! I only wish I’d had the cold relief lotion and kool koala soap on hand the past couple of days! Thanks for everything!”
Kristen 1/12/2011

“About the liquid hand soap. We love it in this household! Our favorite is the oatmeal honey. Love how our hands feel after wards, clean and soft, and especially love knowing that it’s natural and not full of harmful chemicals. My husband, who is in the United States Marine Corps, absolutely LOVES your patchouli bar soap. He WILL NOT use any other soap. No doubt about it, that will be his favorite item in his care packages next time he deploys!! Thank you PJ and family for making such wonderful products. Can’t wait for payday because we need more soap…husband kind of panics when his patchouli bar starts running out. God bless.”
Lauren 1/12/2011

“I got my chocolate fudge!!! 🙂 and i have my wish list ready to go for my feb. order… just need to add almond and sugar scrubs (if they are ready) and i’m good to go! LOVE your stuff. i’m like a giddy kid at Christmas knowing that i get a huge GMS order in the mail :D”
– Brianne 1/12/2011

“I have it (pet bar) and love using it on our fleabag. It really is so much easier to use than a liquid soap. I feel like I can get her fully clean.”
– Kristi 1/10/2011

“Just wanted to tell you all that you made my Christmas shopping so easy. Everyone got goat milk stuff, teachers,friends, bus drivers, employers, employees and family. I am hopefully sending you much business, and if you ever do the San Diego County Fair again I would be honored to work for you, I can sell this product because I truly love it. Happy New Year and if you have a shirt in 3x let me know, I will buy it and wear it with pride. Thanks, “
Debbie 1/10/2011

“I wanted you to know that although I don’t do wine I do color my hair red, and I got sloppy dropped bottle on my bathroom rug, grabbed for the stain stick I just got that day and …………………STAIN IS GONE!!! Thanks, bathroom rugs cost more than my haircolor! “
Debbie 1/10/2011

“Love your products.”
Mario 1/8/2011

“Thank you! My 7-yr-old sister has started hijacking my bath bombs so I’ve gotta stock up on them while I’m living at home! :)”
Krista 1/8/2011

“So I have now tried the laundry soap and stain stick(which promptly removed berries from a shirt that had been sitting for days!), I also LOVE the lotion sticks, can’t wait to try the soap… I believe I have ordered just about every product you have now and have yet to find one I don’t love. I gave the gift sets along with the washcloths for Christmas and got rave reviews, hope it brings you new customers! Love, love, love you all! Instead of 3 samples can you send me the lil travel bar of your choice flavor? If not, no bigee, jsut send me some samples you pick! Very excited about the cold pack for these winter months, got a few coughers in our house right now it will be great for…And, Santa left the bath bombs in stockings for the kiddos, my daugher told me she would like one in every bath! So I will share my bath stuff with her, I guess… Thanks again!”
Sherri 1/6/2011

“Thanks PJ – all your stuff is worth the wait, that’s for sure :)”
– Anne 1/6/2011

“Even my husband loves your stuff ;)”
– Shannon 1/3/2011

“I received my soaps today! Thank you again for the amazing products your family makes & for all your hard work. I’ve been telling my family & friends all about your soaps in hopes they will spread the word too. You guys are amazing. Happy New Year to you & your family!”
– Frances 12/29/2010

“THANKS…. and I have told numerous friends about your products! 🙂 I look forward to the arrival of my latest order! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
– Tammy 12/29/2010

“I love your product and have spread the word to so many people! I am happy that your dream for a family business has become a successful reality. Keep up the good work.”
– Cathy 12/29/2010

“Hi, PJ! A couple months ago, we ordered the pink sugary twin pack. My 2 teenage daughters really liked the lotion stick. One day they were using it around some friends. Of course the other girls tried it and LOVED the scent! We knew what would be the perfect Christmas presents! I was in the next room, but could hear the squeals when these sweet girls opened their gifts and saw the lotion sticks. By the time I went to check things out, the scent of pink sugary filled the air! They were so excited! Who knew goat milk lotion could bring so much happiness! 🙂 Oh and each of my girls got her own twin pack in her stocking!”
– Pam 12/28/2010

“Great stuff, just received my order. Thanks for the free bar of special edition soap!!!”
– Lori 12/21/2010

“Been loving my last shipment that came in on Monday!! Love your products.”
– Rachel 12/17/2010

“My first time use of the shampoo was a doozey. I was a little , just a little bummed at the look of my hair after i used it. Well I did go back and use my suave but I noticed something I hadn’t seen in years. I had a shine, and so I thought and laughed, because I knew darn well the suave didn’t do it. So I went rig…ht back to the shampoo bar, gave it another good lather and rinse, no conditioner needed, my hair was slick with the comb and I am so impressed with the shine. I have been using a spray on shine forever, now I got it naturally and honestly know it is “cleaner”. and not stripping of hair color, whew!”
– Christine 12/17/2010

“Okay…i have nothing to compare it to, other than liquid/bottle shampoo– but i LOOOOOVE your bar shampoo! i tried it on a whim, never having used bar shampoo before…i love it. i don’t wash my hair every single day (i hope no one is gasping…)– but i washed my hair two days in a row, just bc i loved the first experience of the bar shampoo so much!and ps- cider press=my fave scent by far, so far. love your stuff.”

– Alisha 12/10/2010

“You guys are the best! THANK YOU for making my day… I can’t wait to get my goodies! :)”
– Terri 12/8/2010


“Loving my laundry detergent.”
– Susan 12/5/2010

“I got my lotion stick and lemme ya…I won’t use commercial lotion again. I put some on the backs of my hands this morning and didn’t have to reapply nor did I feel dry & scratchy!”
– Jessica 12/1/2010


“Got my latest order a few days ago. Love it! I ordered some variety bags for holiday gifts. They are in my sewing room and making it smell so nice! I love your soaps!
– Kristin 11/27/2010

“Just tried the pet soap. Well, I shared it with a friend who tried it and she loved it. My sweet Callie got into some RED paint and she is going to the groomer today to get ‘repared’. My friend said her dogs coat was silky smooth and he smelled so clean and wonderful. I can’t wait to try it after we get the paint …taken care of. EVERYTHING from Goat Milk Stuff is wonderful. Thanks for making my life better!”
– Beverly 11/23/2010

“Thank you PJ~ !!! We just got the box, first one, today. The twins are in the bathtub trying out their ducks, the wash cloth and the scrubby things. I threw the CLEFFTS in my car. And I love, the LUV SPELL. Might be my favorite scent yet. Thanks again!”
– Kiki 11/20/2010

“Got my second order in the other day and I was sooooo happy!!! Sent some to a friend as well. Soooo excited to see what she thinks. You all are Awesome!”
– April 11/13/2010

“Just got a good smellin’ package in the mail full of GMS. Can’t wait to use it!!”
– Lisa 11/12/2010

“I used it for the very first time this week and it by far surpassed any other shampoo bar i’ve used! it’s still a little squeaky in my hair, but i know it takes my hair getting used to! I love it so far!”
– Jessica 11/12/2010

“My hairdresser loves how silky my hair has become. The gray hairs that used to stand nearly straight up now behave themselves. Even my son, who has major sensory issues loves this soap and shampoo bar.”
– Kimberly 11/12/2010

“PJ Thanks so much. I will definitly let you know about the liquid soap. I’m sure, as with all your other products, it will be wonderful!!”

– Tina 11/10/2010

“Love those bath bombs; well, I love everthing from goat milk stuff!”
– Patricia 11/10/2010

“Dear PJ and Jim; I just received my shipment today. The pumpkin soap is AMAZING! I will gladly let it cure in my Familyroom and not use it for another month. My Familyroom smells great. I also LOVE the almond soap, I see that you sold out of it, so I am glad I ordered a bar. Also, the ocean, nautical & coconut are now part of my “favorites” & the cranberry…yum! It really IS hard to have favorites, I guess, they are all sooo good! The Lavender Essential oil sample is lovely, so that will be on my next order as well. I will be putting the bags of shredded soap in our cars tonight. Can’t wait to see how each car will smell tomorrow:) I made my first batch of liquid laundry soap using your Laundry Bar yesterday. It is alot “silkier” than when I have used Fels Naptha. Can’t wait to do some laundry now. There is no way I can take enough showers ea. day to try all of my soaps from you, but I really look forward to every shower morning and night, and which soap I should use, such a dilema! Thank you again sooo much! I REALLY LOVE the pumpkin, I hope you continue to make it! Great job, packing my order Brett!”
– Annie 11/9/2010

“You have a winner! I finally got around to giving the dog a bath yesterday and I love the dog soap. It lathered good and rinsed off great. The dog(Taz) looks wonderful. THANKS! Keep up the GREAT Work!!!! A very happy customer,”
– Nancy 11/9/2010

I absolutely LOVE my skin with your soap on it! It’s like getting clean without using soap! My highly sensitive skin likes every flavor I have tried so far! My teenage boys and husband love your soap as much as I do…if you can please teenagers, well, that says it!”

– Lois, Kentucky 11/9/10

“Abby tried the new “Fairy Dust” (Baby Powder Bath Fizzy) tonight and it was absolutely awesome. The whole house smelled like baby powder. Abby loved the fizzing and stayed in the bath for about 45 minutes so I’m pretty sure she was lovin’ it too. Thanks PJ and Brett. Now all her baths will be Fairy magical.”
– Gretchen 11/09/2010

“My laundry has been coming out so much cleaner since using the unscented laundry soap!”
– Marjorie 11/09/2010

“I am a mail carrier and today I delivered a package that smelled soooo good I had to see where it was coming from. I must say, the name of the sender was not what I was expecting! and when I saw ‘Goat Milk Stuff’ and saw the address, Opossum Trot Road, I knew I had to try to look it up. I was intrigued, to say the least! I was kind of blown away when I found out the product that you make, and kind of relieved,too, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can’t wait to receive my order and am looking forward to it. May God bless your business and especially your family. You have it way over Kate plus eight!!”
– Patrica, Illinois 11/8/2010

“If you haven’t checked out Goat Milk Stuff yet you really should. My family loves their products!”
– Valerie 11/07/2010

“Hey I have this Stuff at The Healing Chi Wellness Center in Danville! And boy does it smell good!!!”
– Amy 11/07/2010

“We tried the laundry soap bar to clean dirt stains from white gym socks —- and it cleaned the socks better than Shout! I’m sold on the laundry bar now! Just wish my hubby had mentioned it before I placed my order today! Oh well, maybe we’ll see you at the Indy Gift and Hobby Show this week.”
– Jeanine 11/06/2010

“Hi PJ! I wanted to let you know that I got my order today! As soon as I got it I jumped right in the bath with my pumpkin bath bomb!! It was wonderful! (And perfect timing as my son was at pre school!) Most of the other items I am giving to family for Christmas presents, I can hardly wait for my husband to try the shaving kit & I am going to make two baskets for my nieces with the other bath bombs, lip balms, liquid soaps & body lotions! I think I’m going to get them some snuggly socks and it will be the perfect pamper package! 🙂 I just read your newsletter & I am so excited to see that you are coming to Harrisburg!! We are in Middletown which is a neighboring town to Harrisburg! I am so looking forward to meeting you & your family! I am going to place another order soon as my husband is a hunter & I think your hunter soap would be another nice Christmas present for him 🙂 Anyway- so sorry for rambling! Just wanted to say I was excited that you are coming to the area! :)”
– Shelle 11/5/2010

“Nothing better than goat’s milk products”
– Dolores 11/3/2010

“Got my order in today. Love the Baby powder bath fizzy…It smells so good! Love the rest of my order too :O) hehe”
– Kristine 11/3/2010

“Used the Pet Soap yesterday on 2 of my dogs and loved it!! It lathers so well, just like all the other soaps. I was really impressed today because with most pet shampoos I have to brush them both right away or they will be a tangled mess! They are a Yorkie & Bischon. Today, they are soft, no tangles and the stronger sm…ell of the pet soap is very subtle!! I have to order more for next bath time as I only ordered half a bar to try it out 🙁 thanks again for another great product!!!”
– Jennifer 10/28/2010

“I used the pet soap on my dog too the other night and it was great. Really easy to lather her up – much easier than the liquid pet soap. I finally felt like I was able to get the dog clean! I will be ordering more of that and giving Daisy a bath more often for sure.”
– Kristi 10/28/2010

” LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!!! And the boys telling me all about how to make it… priceless!”
– Lynette 10/25/2010

“Hi PJ:), Great Christmas gifts. If I can stand to give them away ! I always want them for myself LOL ! Can’t wait to get it !”
– Jane 10/26/2010

“LOVE the products!!! My skin feels sooo much better and softer!! I will never use any other soap!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!”
– Teresa, Mississippi 10/26/2010

“Thanks so much! You have an amazing product!!! We love the samples of soap and will be ordering soon!! I love love love the chapstick!! We are big fans of the laundry soap! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing and baby friendly product!”
– Leigha, Florida 10/26/2010

“I’m smellin’ awfully good today, thanks to you! (Baby powder lotion stick!)”
– Terri 10/25/2010

” We got our new Goat Milk Stuff order in at Homespun at the end of last week and it’ll be on the shelves before the Irvington Halloween Festival this weekend! We love Goat Milk Stuff and so do our customers!”
– Amanda 10/25/2010

“Hello! I just got our first package the other day. I tried the laundry soap and loved it! Also, loved the smell and feel of the soaps! We’re ready for the big container of laundry soap. Thanks for making this so good. take care,”
– Julie, Texas 10/24/2010

“PJ, I wanted you to know my order arrived on Wednesday. My new favorite thing is the Lip Balm! It lasts even after I have eaten, so I know it will be wonderful for the cold blustery winter. I have tried one of the soap samples, I’m not sure which one it was because they all look the same, but I really like it, so I guess I’ll be ordering one of each to figure out which one it is. I have used it (unscented lotion) at night on my face, and it doesn’t make my face feel oily when I wake up. The soap foamer is very nice, I have used it to wash my face at night, instead of my usual facial cleanser. With the other facial soap, I felt I had to hurry and put on lotion because my skin felt dry and wrinkly, but with the foamer, my face is clean but doesn’t feel dried out which is important to me since I’m 61 and need all the help I can get for the wrinkles! Keep up the great work! Thank you,”
– Agnes 10/22/2010

” I love the soap and I love the laundry detergent!”
– Marjorie 10/22/2010

“My package arrived yesterday! My daughter took a bath using the pink sugary bath bomb- omg it smelled so good in fact Jaidyn smelled good all night long and even this morning and her naturally tan skin looked great after her bath- she didnt need any lotion! I can’t wait to try the pumpkin spice tonight 🙂 THANKS”
– Natasha 10/21/2010

“Received my order today. You guys are the best! … Now if only I can get all the kids in bed so that I can take a bath and try out that bomb! :)”
– Leslie 10/21/2010

“Ok- just finished my GMS vs. “leading baby” laundry detergent experiment. Both loads of my son’s laundry came out very clean. The GMS came out much softer, almost like I used fabric softener which I did not. The GMS did not have a fragrance and that is perfect for people with eczema. The purity soap is also working wonders on my son’s eczema.”
– Liza 10/20/2010

“I was so happy to get home tonight to open your box that I ordered before we went to TX. LOVE everything. Thank you and I will be ordering again soon, for me and Africa!”
– Marianne “Annie” 10/19/2010

“We got ours today and I can’t wait to try the laundry soap and lotion stick!!! And, of course, love the way the bar soap makes my whole house smell great!”
– Tania 10/18/2010

“Thank you for my order – I got it today!!!! What great service!!!!! I love the stuff!!!!!!”
– Judi 10/18/2010

“The pet soap is AMAZING!!!! We have 5 dogs and it usually takes us about 2 hrs to wash them well and get all the dirt off of them, we wash them every sunday. With this soap it took a total of 20 min to wash all 5!! Im amazed! It lathered right away, rinsed off like a dream, it also seemed alot easier to get them dried …off very fast! Thankyou for making the job of bathing our dogs so much faster!!!”
– Megan 10/17/2010

“Awesome, PJ! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to get the pumpkin pie bath bombs…I have been LOVING the Lemon Verbena bath fizzie! Smells and feels so good and I’m not a bath person normally…but it’s been a great way to destress! Thaks again!”
– Kristen 10/17/2010

“I tried the shampoo bar two days ago, and was very impressed. My hair is straight and fairly thick. I *have* to use conditioner on it, no matter what soap I use, after washing, it is very squeaky (I can not think of any other word to use) clean. So I used a dab of Pantene conditioner and it is almost 48 hours later and it is still really clean. Generally I have to wash my hair daily or it gets oily, and my hair today is just starting to maybe need to be washed, although I will not do it till tomorrow. So I give it a big thumbs up -and it still smells great today- for the way it feels and looks, maybe a 4 out of 5 for the fact that I needed conditioner. That may just be my hair, though. If there was a way to put something in it to make it a bit more conditioned, I would bet you would have a real seller on your hands. I like using bar shampoos, and yours lathered super well, which I really like.”
– Alicia 10/14/2010

“Latest package arrived today. I am seriously addicted to your products. Received my first liquid soap, laundry soap and stain stick along with my usual soaps and lotion sticks. I’ve already done a load of laundry and the clothes are so soft!! Thanks once again Jonas family!!”
– Lori 10/14/2010

” I like GMS because its all natural, smells super yummy and really gets you clean! Also, the family that makes it is pretty awesome too!!”
– Rose 10/13/2010

“Great products Thanks!!”
– Paco 10/13/2010

“Can I just say that you all are “the bomb”? :D”
– Lisa 10/13/2010

” I love the laundry soap! Great for kids who don’t like fragrance smelling clothes and have skin problems! A little goes a long way though!”
– Bernadetta 10/13/2010

“LOVE, LOVE your stuff, and your kids….”
– Tricia 10/12/2010

“Thanks once again! Love trying new scents. BTW, the laundry detergent works so well. The laundry stick should be called miracle stick! 11 kids, lots of stains, no problems as long as you have that stick. Even stuck on stains! Very impressive.”

– Stephanie, North Carolina 10/12/2010

“Love the soaps and the laundry detergent I got last time! Thanks so much for the fantastic product, and I look forward to trying these new scents.”
– Anie, Connecticut 10/7/2010

“Hi PJ, I just wanted to thank you for the order. The bath bombs are incredible as well as the lip balm, we cannot believe how long it lasts on our lips…its better than any product pruchased at retail stores. We are telling everyone about your wonderful products!!!!! Thank you and God Bless.”
– Wendy 10/6/2010

“As always, thank you! I love knowing that I’m not harming my body with toxic chemicals in the things that are meant to keep me clean and healthy!”
– Krista, California 10/5/2010

“I got my soaps and laundry soap yesterday. This is the first time I have ever been excited to do laundry! I was pleased. The clothes came out just as clean as when I use my extra strength Tide, but without the chemical smell. VERY pleased. And so happy with your service. For SURE a repeat customer! And I tried the soap in the shower, loved it, skin still feels moisturized today! Thanks!
– Alicia 10/2/2010

” Hey Guys! Just wanted tell you guys that I tried to Laundry Soap and I am now a convert! We have some of the ickiest water and my whites always look dingy, no matter what I put in the wash. I did a load of whites yesterday that had new socks and old socks in it. The old, dingy socks are as white as the new ones! Y…ou guys better find a way to keep up with the grating because I now enjoy doing laundry again! lol”
– Gina 9/30/2010

“Hello! I just wanted to write quickly to let you know that we LOVE your products! I cannot believe the change in how our skin feels after using the soap for a week. It’s amazing! We are also enjoying the laundry soap.”
– Lindsey 9/28/2010

“Thank you thank you! I got my Goat Milk Stuff today! LOVE the soaps and can’t wait to do laundry! Thanks MckMama for introducing me to this brand!”
– Marjorie 9/27/2010

“Hi PJ, My package arrived on Saturday and made my whole mailbox smell great! The laundry stick took out day-old blood, and a trial load of clothes washed in your laundry soap is in the dryer. I used the unscented lotion stick on my son’s eczema; let’s hope it works! Thanks again for the free shipping!”
– Katie 9/26/2010

” I’ve used your laundry stick and it is a miracle worker! Now I just have to check out the soap!!”
– Lory 9/22/2010

“PJ, First let me say that my daughter, Becky Milstead, has me totally sold on your soaps and lotions!!!! My hands have never felt this soft. I’m using the lotion every night before I go to bed. It has made such a difference!!!! I love following your precious family on fb and will order many more soaps etc. from you. (I love the soap dishes too, guess I could do an add for you). Thanks for listening. Blessings,”
– Nancy 9/22/2010

“Love love the laundy soap.”
– Jeana 9/22/2010

” Loved the laundry soap! Need more!”
– Anita 9/22/2010

“Your soaps are the best products. Every guest I have comments about the beautiful smell of the hand soaps and how they can feel the softness to their hands. The OMH bar is my favorite for a facial soap. I recently started using your laundry soap and am very pleased with how well it cleans plus how little is left in the clothes. I enjoy hanging clothes on the line and no longer have to use a fabric softener for the towels or give them a second rinse.”
– Kimberly, Missouri 9/19/2010

“Hi, Received my shipment and it arrived in perfect shape. I love it. The lip balm and lotion stick are to die for. 🙂 Thank you for such prompt service
– Debbie 9/16/2010

“Hi, Just wanted to say a quick Hello and thank you for your Amazing products!!! I have been loving my soaps and need to place another order really soon. I will let you know when I post my review on YouTube I have just been so busy with school and wanted to make sure I had used the soap for awhile to give a proper review. I have a friend who has a local shop where she sells handmade accessories and wants to incorporate other hand made items so I suggested your soaps. She should be placing an order soon. She loves the idea! Just wanted to let you know =))”

– April 9/16/2010

“I LOVE your laundry soap!”
– MacKenzie 9/11/2010

Best laundry soap ever!!! I Love it!
– Shawne 9/11/2010

“I can’t say enough good things about all your stuff. I give out your business card at least once a week to clients who come in the office. I even have a sample that I keep in the office bathroom. Thinking of putting out some travel bars as give aways at christmas time!!I’ll get with you about that soon.”
– Mary 9/11/2010

“The small bag (laundry soap)fits perfect in my cup holder on my car. I use it as an air freshner. Love it!”
– KiKi 9/11/2010

“Love it. We are on our 2nd big container. It makes our clothes smell so fresh.”
– Jessica 9/11/2010

“Best laundry soap in the world!!”
– Mary 9/11/2010

“I absolutely positively LOVE your products. Your soap has cleared up my skin that I have struggled with for years (with acne). I use the sample bars in the kids’ bathroom, and it is the perfect size for their little hands, and I just ordered some of your laundry detergent, so I am excited to try it. I wish I could s…ell it down here in NC. I would love to if you ever have an interest (at the farmer’s market).”
– Lisa 9/10/2010

“I received 3 of the “baby girl” duckies last week. They will be used on a baby shower cake. They are adorable!!”
– Anne 9/8/2010

“PJ…got my order today and thanks SO much…the samples are wonderful and the detergent will be put to use tomorrow!! Everyone…if you haven’t tried this detergent, it’s a must-have and you need to put it on your list!”
– Chris 9/8/2010

“I’m in love with my new lotion stick!”
– Nicole 9/6/2010

“Just ordered the lotion stick for the first time – oatmeal, milk & honey (of course). The only problem is that I constantly sniff my arms all day because I can’t get enough of the wonderful scent!”
– Anne 9/5/2010

“I have used this stain stick and I have to say it works super! My staff is always giving me their “problem stains” to wash away! I have cut my stick in pieces so they can wash their own clothes! Next time I will more than one!”
– Janice 9/2/2010

“My latest shipment arrived today. I opened it all up and then set the box on my bathroom counter. My bathroom now smells amazing!!! I tried both the lip balm and lotion stick – love them! Can’t wait for next time so I can order liquid soap.”

– Lori 8/28/2010

“I love your products!!! My skin thanks you ;)”
– Tiffany 8/26/2010

“Just got my laundry soap in the mail..just in the nick of time! Used the last of my supply this morning and have several more loads to do!! Thanks Jonas family!”
– Mary 8/21/2010

“Thanks for my sweet smellin shipment of “stuff” that came today. I got a co-worker “hooked” 🙂 SO much – she placed an order :)”
– Andie 8/20/2010

“Used this stuff on our trip to Haiti. Love it totally addicted now.”
– Katrina 8/20/2010

“Goat milk rules.”
– Daniel 8/17/2010

“My sister, Megan Knochel, recent placed an order and shared her samples. I am addicted. Thank you for creating such great products with family and nature in mind. I look forward to being a return customer and recruiting friends along the way!!”
– Elizabeth, Arizona 8/13/2010

“PJ ~ Thanks for your nice message … I came home today from our local water park ready for a shower only to find my Goat’s Milk Stuff had been delivered while I was gone. I quickly put it to good use and I have to say I LOVE IT!!! I used the Oatmeal and Honey Shave Bar and I LOVE THAT TOO!!”

– Lisa, Illinois 8/13/2010

“Hey, PJ! I just opened my package of goodies! Thank you…Thank you…The soap smells delicious and believe it or not I can’t wait to do the laundry!”
– Terri, Georgia 8/11/2010

“Hi Jonas Family! I tried the smaller sized laundry detergent and loved it. I’m wondering if you could tell me how many loads (normal sized) one might get out of the larger size? Thanks so much.”
– Paula Jenkins 8/11/2010

“Very excited to try some of these new products. We loved the bath bombs. The kids skin was so soft afterward…I couldn’t stop touching them. And the kids want it everyday…I think the Fizzy will work great (though probably not everyday:). Your soaps have done wonders to our skin. Now, if you could just create some deodorant so I can get rid of the aggrevating rash in my pits….oh and maybe eye wrinkle cream, sunscreen, and shampoo. Then my life will be complete. I’m so happy to have found your products and family. It’s one of my best finds ever.”
– Valerie, Washington 8/11/2010

“I look forward to getting the bath fizzy. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the products your family provides and the wonderful customer service your family gives. After dealing with a mega-company recently and been treated like someone other than a valued customer I am most appreciative of your company. It is also such a treat to see how your children help with the family business and are learning lessons that will last them a lifetime. Blessings on the Jonases! In Christ,”
– Trish, North Carolina 8/6/2010

“Wow!! Ya’ll are amazing!! I have loved your products and really appreciate your personal touch and efficiency!! Thanks,”
– Allison, North Carolina 8/2/2010

“Your products are beyond fabulous (and your blog too).”
– Susan 7/28/2010

“Just wanted to thank you for the surprise half bar included in my shipment! I appreciate it, as we will be traveling soon! And, this is my first time trying the lotion stick. I love it. Honeysuckle is by far my favorite scent, and I can see us using it on little chapped cheeks and noses in the coming fall. Thanks again!”

– Katie, Ohio 7/24/2010

“Hey, just a note…I used the bar soap on my dogs and was THRILLED with the results..we had some hot spots going on. I have two bichons and a shitzu and the bichons especially get summer allergies and lick their darn feet to no end until they get sores as the summer progresses. Before I gave them a bath several weeks ago, they had several open wounds we were treating. A bath later..the licking has stopped….they ALSO smell yummy and their fur is soooooo soft…I love more expensive dog shampoo for me..except for the whitening shampoo every now and then. Anyway..I actually preferred the bar soap to the was WAYYYY easier to get in difficult places like under their legs…and ect…I understand you might be working on a dog shampoo but I think there might be a market for a dog bar…special scent for fido… People will buy anything for their dogs. Any chance you might make a pet bar down the road? On another note, I had two customers buy the small laundry soap to wash pet bedding and pet towels in..they said they have heard goat milk laundry soap will take away the doggie smell that tends to build up in that kind of stuff. I understand it works that way for baby diapers…so it makes sense it would for doggie bedding also…but I found that interesting…thought I would share ANOTHER way to use your laundry soap.I am anxious for shampoo for people.”
– Cindy, Indiana 7/23/2010

“Okay, finally got a chance to use the soap you sent me as a sample. My “official” review (and I tested it on 4 very, very stinky, dirty medium coated dogs)
  1. At first, I did NOT like the bar shape, and admit, was skeptical of bar soap on a dog. But, after the first use, the bar quickly became easy to use. The scrubbing action of the soap on the dog really got the dirt out, and on their legs, I had plenty of suds to scrub down gentler areas. Worked very, very well…
  2. I did not think the bar would get my dogs soapy, because with liquid soap, they are super sudsy. They got “just sudsy enough!” I was usper excited, because the liquid soap takes forever to rinse out, and this got them nice and clean, without spending an extra 10 minutes in the rinse cycle.
  3. I was not a fan of the citronella smell. But I have to say, it did not transfer to the dog, they just smelled clean. Knowing dog people like I do, I think smells like the Black Cherry, Citrus Basil, OMH, Fiji, and maybe the Purity for dogs with allergies, would sell better. Peppermint around Christmas maybe.
  4. The dogs, when dry, felt good. Not overly scented, which is good. Their fur was soft, not greasy, but not overly conditioned either.
Overall, I was way more impressed than I thought I would be, using a bar soap on the dogs. I have 4 border collies (medium coated) and one has a double coat, which is a pain. She was my litmus test for sure, and it worked great on her. Even my shorter coated dog soaped up fine and cleaned up well.

On another note, my husband FINALLY used the shaving soap tester you gave me, and it was fantastic! He just soaped up his face with the bar soap, and shaved. “I” noticed the difference in his face after he shaved. Very soft, and he did not have the razor burn he usually gets. He tends to have a sensitive face, and this worked really well. Will be buying more in the future for him, for sure. Let me know about the dog soap, when you make more, and I can sell it to my students for you out of my training barn. I can keep some bars of soap around too, if you would like, to sell. I love the stuff, and tell everyone I know about how fantastic it is! And that is saying a lot, because I used to HATE bar soap, until your 2 very cute sons wrangled me into a few bars at the flea market!”
– Misty, Indiana 7/18/2010


– David 6/30/2010

“Dear PJ, I wanted you to know that the bath bombs came yesterday and they survived the mailing, thank you so very much. I also wanted you to know that I have been using some of the soaps and they are wonderful. Thank you so much for making this family business, for the care and quality of the product. May you each be richly blessed.”
– Linda, Minnesota 6/30/2010

"Good Morning, PJ,   I just had to tell you how wonderful your Laundry Stain Stick really is!  Living in Alabama we have lots of red dirt and what kid doesn’t just love to play in the dirt? My granddaughter got red clay dirt ground into an outfit that wasn’t supposed to be a play outfit. After washing it twice and using two different commercial stain removers, the stain was still very visible.
     That week we received our shipment of Laundry Soap and Stain Sticks. Now by this time the outfit had been washed and had dried several days before but my daughter decided to try your Stain Stick
on it anyway……….what did we have to lose at this point, right. Every trace of the red stain vanished with just one treatment!!!!!
     We are so thrilled with your products! Thank you for such wonderful items!"
   – Sandra, Alabama

"Hi PJ, hope all is well with you and yours.  The unscented lotion stick has made an INCREDIBLE difference in the dry skin on my feet. I’ve already used one stick completely. Thanks,"
   – Chris, Pennsylvania

"Thanks so much for the fast shipment. I got it yesterday and used the laundry detergent
today. It worked great!";
    – Sheri, Pennsylvania

"Hi PJ! Wanted to say thanks for sending the Honey Lip Balm last week, it’s great. I also was
curious if you guys had any plans for liquid goat’s milk soap or shampoo? Thanks!"
   – Karla, Georgia 
(PJ adds – yep, liquid soap will be ready soon; shampoo will hopefully follow)

"Thank you, PJ! I love your products and like the idea of becoming more “natural” as well!  I tried the small size of laundry soap and was very pleased so now I’m getting the larger size for my daughter also! She has a family of 5 and the 3 children have very sensitive skin so I know that your laundry soap will be great for them. Thanks again!"
    – Sandra, Alabama

“I just placed my first ever order of Goat Milk Stuff, and I just wanted to say, your website is AWESOME. My husband is a website designer so it drives me crazy when a business has an awesome product but a poorly designed website. Your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and the checkout process is fast and simple. I can’t wait to get my Goat Milk Stuff and I’ll definitely be sending friends to your website!
– Melissa 09/13/2012