Eczema and Psoriasis Testimonials

We have a new testimonial and feedback system, but didn’t want to lose all of the great things that people have said about our goat milk soap and other stuff so they are listed below.

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Eczema/Psoriasis/Rosacea Relief

”I love the soap. It really makes my skin feel soft. I am hoping it will help the psoriasis on my elbows, and my allergy to nickel. I will let you know. The liquid soap really helps my hands not to dry out so much. Thanks for the great products!”

– Denise 3/28/2011

”We LOVE your soap! After just a few days of using the soaps we noticed a big improvement in our skin. No more dry, itchy, “winter” skin! My 7 year old no longer has eczema bumps on the back of his arms and until now, not even prescription creams were able to clear it up. My teenager is having some improvement in his acne since using the tea tree soap too! THANKS for such great products!!”

– Brenda 3/25/2011

”I have been dealing with eczema my entire life and recently discovered I had psoriasis.My 4 kids have inherited my skin, poor things. My mother was listening to the radio one day and heard PJ talking about GMS. She ordered me some OMH….from the very first use, I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I ordered more soaps, tea tree, and a lotion stick to follow up. My whole family is now hooked- even the dog. My eczema is GONE. My psoriasis is GONE. My face is CLEAR (tea tree).My feet are SANDAL READY (lotion stick). My kids are smooth. This is LIFE CHANGING!”

– Tonia 3/25/2011

“Thank you! I absolutely LOVE your soap…so wonderful on dry skin and eczema! Please thank the whole family for making this and making it available. Best wishes,”
Bonny 1/31/2011

“We love your products! I have kids w/ eczema and it does great w/ that. No itchy skin from detergents anymore either. Stain stick gets out anything & everything. I’ve spread the word on your products on our blog and facebook too. It’s hard to find products nowadays that actually work and are homemade w/out all the “extras” that the stores put in them. So, I appreciate it very much. “

Stephanie 1/13/2011

“Goat Milk Stuff was recommended to me because of my youngest daughter’s problems with eczema. The soap works fabulously, even my husband loves it now! We’ve branched out to using the laundry soap, also. Can’t say enough good stuff about this company and family!”
– Christy 10/13/2010

“Just wanted to let you know how much we love your soaps! They are the best! I’m so thrilled to have sweet smelling kids with no rash! (My chubby little baby girl smelling like Luv Spell…ahhhhh it compelled me to write you). It’s also been helpful with my husband eczema on his hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We are your new biggest fans. If I lived in the country I think I’d probably buy a goat or two.”

– Melissa 9/22/2010

“I just have to tell you how awesome your soap is! I have had a hand palm eczema for years, but after I had kids and started washing my hands more frequently it got progressively worse until my palms reached a point where they were constantly bleeding. For about a year I even bandaged my hands and wore gloves so my hand…s wouldn’t bleed on everything I touched. Then my mother ordered your soap for us all to try. It smelled great and I really liked it, but I was completely suprised when my eczema started to clear up. I looked down at my hands a couple of weeks ago, and they are completely cured! My hands were cracked and bleeding for years… I even saw a few doctors and had prescription meds for them! I never thought they would heal, but your Goat Milk Soap did the trick! I thank the Lord for your soap!”
– Elissa 9/15/2010

“Hello Jonas Family! I recently purchased a few soaps from y’all. I ordered the Purity bar for my 14 month old twins. Baby A has had a ruff, red spot on her leg for months and I’ve tried all sorts of soaps, creams and lotions to get it to go away, but to no avail. Tonight, I used your soap, paying special attention to this spot on her leg. Afterwards, out of habit, I went to dab some cream on this little problem area and her leg was completely smooth! The only thing that indicated that there was an irritation there was a slightly red spot which I have a feeling will go away in a few more days. My husband and I are already fans of goats milk as it is all our babies have drank since they were 11 months. We are blessed to have friends who give us around 5 gallons of raw goats milk once a week. We have seen the benefits of drinking goats milk and have now seen the benefits of goats milk soap. We have also purchased your laundry soap which I’m excited to try. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed! We are so excited to have found your soap. May God bless y’all abundantly and grant you His peace! Sincerely,”
– Jenna, Texas 8/16/10

“I have received the samples and my skin feels so much better I will be making another order soon! THANK YOU for giving me all those extra samples. My son’s excema on his cheeks and his hands has gone away and everyone wants to know “how did you do it” I just started passing out the smaller samples in a ziploc bag with a note of your web address inside and if works half as good as it does for my son your going to have a lot of people from NW Ohio and SE michigan ordering. I make my son wash his hands and face in luke warm water right before bed and that alone is doing the trick getting rid of it I am SOOOO thankfull and amazed! Even the pricey dermatologists haven’t been able to figure this out with steroid creams and many trips costing thousands of dollars. Wish I had known sooner, but am thankfull I know now! I’m hoping to place another order shortly but shipping times are difficult for me because I don’t want it sitting on my doorstep when I won’t be home for a day or two and with summer vacations it’s difficult. Again thank you! This has made a HUGE difference in his skin, how comfortable he is (no more itching) and his confidence!”

– Stephanie, Ohio 7/31/10

“Thanks PJ! I love your soap! I started using it on my baby and it totally cured her eczema! It is so wonderful to be able to use something gentle without so many chemicals! Thanks again!”
– Danielle, Indiana 7/30/2010

“What would you recommend, scent-wise, for a 22-month old with persistent moderate eczema? We used goat milk soap a few months ago and it completely rid him of his eczema, and once we ran out of soap and used Aveeno again, the eczema came back. However, I don’t remember what scent I used. What would you suggest?”
– Kristen 7/28/2010

“Thanks PJ. I do appreciate the extra half bar, we are a family of sensitive skin! Thanks again for the great soap you make, it has kept my kids soft and my husband psoriasis free!”
– Eleni 6/28/2010

“Hi PJ, Thank you SO much! I usually use cetaphil because I have rosacea and very sensitive skin, but the
goat milk soap is SO much better – it’s pure and leaves my skin soft and not irritated!”
– Kelly, New York 6/26/10

“Thanks!! I’m so glad that we have found your soap. I’m amazed at how my hands
look after only 2 weeks. I’ve had such horrible eczema on my hands for years. They have always
been red and itchy. Now it’s gone…absolutely amazing!!”
– Chandra, Indiana 6/23/10

“We love your products and the soap has done wonders for my daughter’s itchy eczema. Thanks,”
– Carrie, Texas 5/22/10

“Dear Jonas Family: I received my order yesterday and wanted to thank you for such prompt
service. I also wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your soap.
It is of such wonderful quality and the packaging is absolutely adorable. I
especially liked the added ribbon touch to the washcloth. Tell the children
they did a great job knitting. I will be placing many orders in the future.
I would like to add that I have been using goat milk soap for over a year
now to relieve my psoriasis. My former supplier moved out of state and is no
longer in business. Finding an Indiana maker of soap was great, but the soap
itself far exceeds my expectations!! I will be telling all my friends. Sincerely,”
– Mary, Indiana 5/13/10

“Jonas family, Thank you so much for the soap. I still cannot believe how fast I receive it! My family loves it. My 3 girls
are so excited when the package comes. They love how it smells. Your soap has cleared their eczema and has greatly
reduced our need for lotion. You make a wonderful product and have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!”
– Angie, North Dakota 5/12/10

“Thanks so much for the soap, the special surprise lotion, and the kids THANK YOU for the rubber duckies. Parker has been carrying
hers everywhere! It went to soccer last night, too. I love the soaps. I swear my skin feels softer and Parker’s eczema already seems
to be improving…even though it’s the worst time of year for it…she’s ususally a wreck all summer long. Thanks!”
– Susan, North Carolina 5/7/10

“Thank you so much!! We love your soap. It cured my grandson’s eczema!”
– Patti, North Carolina 5/6/10

“Super! Thanks so much. Your soap has done wonders for my son’s legs. He has eczema. My dad has it bad too and I gave him a bar.
I’m waiting to hear how it’s working for him. Thanks again,”
– Cindy, Kentucky 5/3/10

“Dear Jonas Family,
I am writing to thank you for the prompt delivery and your Purity soap. We received the package in about a day. I am a mother of two, one who
has sensitive skin prone to eczema breakouts in the New England climate. The soap has supported our care of our daughter’s skin, it not only
has helped her skin but it is also possible to use it on a daily basis. I also am a huge fan of the Purity soap, although I do not suffer
from serious skin issues. It is simply a gentle, natural product that I’d love to share with more people. Thank you for your family’s time
and care in making such a gentle soap. We will be in touch again.
Sincerely and With Appreciation,”
– Suzanne, Massachusetts 4/26/10

“Hi, I can’t wait to try the soap. I am 52 years
old and I have just developed skin rashes with in the last few months which my doctor has decided is eczema. I have tried several things even
switching soaps. I have been interested in trying natural soaps in a long time. I read some information on goat milk soap and decided to look it
up. I saw several sites but since yours was family owned I looked at it. I love the pictures and how the whole family works together. You don’t
find that a lot these days. So I decided I would go with your website and after reading some comments from other customers I am hoping your goat
milk soap will help my skin. Have a wonderful day.”
– Elizabeth, Illinois 4/6/10

“Thank you for making a product I hear will be wonderful for my 18 month old with terrible eczema! I was curious for my next time – what scent do you
recommend for babies? I know you have the organic castille…is there another? Thanks,”
– Kristen, Nebraska 3/27/10
Note: We recommend the organic castile for infants. Purity is recommended for babies older than a few months. Both have no added fragrance.

“Hi PJ! This is Andrea from Texas and I just want to send you and your family a big THANK YOU! for your product. I had contacted you about a month or so
ago asking which soap(s) you would recommend for my 3 year old who has eczema. I purchased the Purity and OMH bars for him. Not only do they smell
wonderful, but I’ve been using the Purity on him and it has showed wonderful results. No more red, irritated patches and no more clawing and scratching.
His little belly and back is smooth again! What a relief to finally find a natural way to ease this very irritating condition. Again, I thank you so
much for what you do. I just placed my second order today. This time I’m treating myself with some of your bars, lotion and lip balm! Thank you and Happy
Easter to the Jonas Family!”
– Andrea, Texas 3/24/10

“Hi PAtricia! This is my third order and we LOVE your soap! I have been using it for my daughter who has ezcema, but
recently tired it myself and loved it!! I have also been giving it for gifts 🙂 This time, I am trying the lip gloss and lotion!! Can’t wait to get them!!”
– Carnley, Florida 3/24/10

“oh great! That was super fast. I love your soap! My 6 month old son has eczema all over and it is the only thing that turns his skin back to baby soft!”

– Amy, Texas 3/18/10

“Thank you for the e-mail. I have been impressed by you for many reasons, one of them being that you are so quick and very thourough. My 6 year old Son has
Eczema and we have tried numerous creams (prescription and non-prescription) and we had been unable to find anything that would help it. Poor thing would scratch
and scratch, sometimes to the point of bleeding. I found you’re website and decided to give you’re goats milk soap a try on him. Wow-were we impressed!!
Eczema gone completely. We have one happy little boy (of course I’m happy too!!). Many of my co-workers are now ordering from you too and they are equally
impressed with you’re soap. One of them has a husband with psoriasis, and he even uses the goats milk soap to wash his hair. We all gathered around the computer
at work and watched your news video-you have such a nice family and a wonderful product. I am anxious to try the laundry soap. Thank you,”
– Stacey, Minnesota 3/10/10

“Thank you so much. You are always so prompt with my orders and I really appreciate that. I also wanted to tell you that I have everyone in my family
using your soap. My 8 month old grandson has eczema (as does his mother) and when I got them started on your soap it cleared up better than it has ever
been. So thank you for your product.”
– Keli, North Carolina 3/8/10

“Dear Jonas Family: I was just reading the reviews on your website and your customer David in IN wrote in about his grandson having eczema since he was 3 months.
I have a 3-yr old that suffers from this as well. I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter and prescription treatments to help ease his condition but have come
up empty-handed. Could you recommend which bar would be best for those with this skin problem? I imagine it would be one of your unscented bars?? Any information
you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much,”
– Andrea, Texas 2/22/10
Note: We recommend Purity or Purity Scrub for eczema. Neither has any added fragrance, but the Scrub has rolled oats added to help with itching.

“Hey PJ, Just received the soaps today. I can’t believe they came in 2 days–you guys rock!! I got these soaps in the hope that they will help my 5 year olds
eczema. She scratches so much until she breaks skin, especially this winter. I will update you all and let you know if they help. These soaps smell so good,
I could smell them through the packaging!! I will also be using them as i am a nurse, and my hands get so cracked from all the washing. So once again, thank you
and your family for such natural and wonderful soaps. Your website is very imformative, and i love the photos of the kids making the soaps. God Bless you, and
i’m sure i will be ordering more. Good job with my order Brett and Greyden! Thanks,”
– Trudi, North Carolina 2/10/10

“PJ- The soap arrived yesterday. I bought it because my youngest daughter has terrible excema. This appears, after 2 uses, to be just what she needed! Thank you
so much for a great family-made product. Oh, and it smells so yummy…I can wait to try more scents! Thanks again,”
– Jenn, Nebraska 1/27/10

“PJ, Thanks so much! I got the package yesterday and was so excited to get it. The soaps smell wonderful! Thanks for the free samples. I love them, too. Took my bath
with Purity this morning and my skin feels great. I’m giving the other two bars to my granddaughters (picture attached). The oldest one has eczema and I hear
your soap will help with that. I’ll be in touch again soon. Thanks so much. I hope you have a blessed day.”
– Debbie, North Carolina 1/26/10

“Hello, I bought some of your soap at a craft fair this fall. I meant to save one for myself to try but ended up giving them all as Christmas presents. I am a fellow
home schooler in Indiana. When I checked on your site I was so pleased to see you home school also.I just finished with 6 rounds of chemo and I am getting ready to
start radiation. They want me to take good care of my skin and I was wondering if you had any testimonials from radiation patients. I also was wondering if you guys
had a dish soap for dishes. I just placed my first order and I am getting anxious and excited to find such a simple pleasure.”
– Debbie, Indiana 1/20/10
Note: We have been told repeatedly (at festivals and markets) that our goat milk soap has been indispensible during cancer recovery.

“My Dad has severe eczema. I read your letters from other customers and decided to try it. It can’t hurt to try. He has tried everything else. It is so bad that he
is on steroids for it. Maybe this will bring him even a small amount of relief. If it helps I will definitely let you know if it helps at all. I can’t wait to
receive the soap I ordered for the children and myself. I have a feeling we are going to be hooked. Thank you so much. May you have God’s blessings. Sincerely,”
– Dana, West Virginia 1/13/10

“Thank you so much! I didn’t expect to get it for awhile, with the Christmas weekend. I saw the piece on WHAS 11 about your family, and I was so impressed! I also
read the testimonials on your website and saw that many people with eczema have benefited from your soap, so I am anxious to try it on two of my daughters who have
the condition. May the love of the infant Jesus bless you and your beautiful family this Christmas! Thanks again-“
– Julie, Indiana 12/24/2009

“Thank you. I find goatsmilk soap helps diminish
my keratosis Polaris, but until now I’ve had to deal with boring scents, hence why I got a little trigger happy in the travel size section lol! Oh, and by the way
its nice to see an Indiana family doing this kind of thing. I’m originally from pendleton but I live in Columbus Ohio now, so i enjoyed the opportunity to help
support Indiana business. Thanks again.”
– Becky, Ohio 12/16/2009

"Hello PJ! Just wanted to let you know that we got our soap in the mail yesterday.  Both of my boys have skin problems so I gave them their baths in the oatmeal, milk and honey soap last night and after just the one use my older son’s rash on his face has cleared up and my baby’s eczema is all better!  I am amazed! Also, I am a nurse and I have had chronic problems with my hands cracking and bleeding, but now I am on the mend too. I really appreciate what you and your family are doing. Thanks so much for making such a high quality product. Many blessings,"
   – Jessica, Indiana

"Thank you! I got my order on Saturday!! I just LOVE your soap! We are trying to live a little more "greener", not to mention me and my little Cub have eczema we’re always trying to keep under control. "
   – Nicole, California

"PJ, Just wanted to tell you we are
loving the lotion sticks!! Cat’s skin is doing
so well with them!!!  They make a great
addition to our collection of natural cures for
– Carnley, Florida

"A HUGE thank you! I have been
meaning to write for some time on how happy I am
I found out about your soaps. My son has eczema
and Keratosis Pilaris (tiny bumps on the legs,
arms, and cheeks). We were told to use non
irritant soap and even the mild soaps still
dried his skin out. When I first ordered I told
him he was getting new soap (he’s 3) and now
every time he gets a bath he grabs the soap and
proudly says ‘My new soap!’ We are supposed to
keep his baths short because of his skin. Now he
can stay in longer and play because I know his
skin is getting moisturized (naturally!) by the
soap. As a mom this makes me so happy because
the doctors say we should rub lactic acid
acid-based lotion onto his skin and rubbing any
potentially acid base lotion onto my sons skin
is not something I would like to do.
My husband and I use it and I cannot believe the
difference in my skin! My feet are soft again!
Even my husband loves the soaps. He asks when
we’ll try a new scent even the ‘un-manly’ ones.
     I received my
most recent order today and was shocked to see
you included another soap with the discount from
your newsletter! When I placed my order I was
wondering if you were having a special on the
extra soap but hadn’t received a newsletter. As
soon as I hit ‘submit’ I received your
newsletter and saw the special.
Thank you to your whole family for what you do.
If we lived closer I would hug you all. My God
continue to bless your family. Thank you again
for doing what your doing. You have a customer
for life."
   – Michelle, Minnesota

"Dear Jonas family,
Our 10 month old grandson has suffered with
eczema since he was 3 months old and has been
treated to no avail. My sister brought our
daughter a bar of your soap at a recent
gathering. I went to visit my grandson a week
later and couldn’t believe it. His skin was
clear, and so soft after just one week of using
your soap.  Thank you so much for what you are
doing. Pat your self on the back."
   – David, Indiana

"Just wanted to say what a great product you all
make!! I just bought a bar over the weekend at
the Madison Chautauqua – peppermint goat’s milk
soap.  I had previously bought a bar a few
months back at the court house days in Madison. 
I have psoriasis and had tried every kind of
soap only to find that yours is the best. It
makes your skin feel so clean, and keeps it
clear of psoriasis and acne breakouts.
   I am
going to tell all my friends about you and give
them your website address. Good to know that it
is sold at a store here in Madison where I live
too.  I also like it because it is long
lasting and well worth the money.
Also, I assume it was probably your son that was
the great salesman at the Chautauqua.  What
a nice young man with a great personality.
Anissa, Indiana

"Hi there!
My order arrived Thursday, so I got to pick it
up Friday from the post office. Even the
shipping box smelled good! 
My husband and I are both enjoying the Kool
Koala, and my 18 month old is using the Purity
Scrub. He has eczema and we are hoping the extra
moisturizers in the soap will help us to cut
back on the anti-itch creme we normally use.
We’ve already gone 3 days without having to use
any of the creme, if you can believe that (it
was normally 1-2 times daily).
Thanks a ton for the samples. They’re getting
plenty of use as well! 
I see a reorder in my future!"
Katie, Nevada

"Received my order and have distributed to family
members… we all have Colorado dry skin and eczema. I just love the product and can already
feel a difference. I have twin 16 month old
granddaughters and ordered the Purity for them.
They both have eczema. "
     – Lynda, Colorado

"PJ,  We have quickly come to LOVE using
your soaps, and they have helped my daughter’s
little eczema patch instantly! And I was happy
to find out you all are Hoosiers, as I will
always be one at heart no matter how far away I
have moved. So thank you for a worthwhile and
wonderful product. We look forward to enjoying
your soaps for a long time to come!  Thank
     – Kanda, Georgia

"Just wanted to say thank you for the soap and
the free samples! They look and smell wonderful
and I am really pleased so far with the effects
on my daughters’ eczema-prone skin. Thanks
     – Deborah,

"Thanks PJ.  I am thrilled with you
product. I have struggled with eczema and dry
skin and love your soap. We are a conservative
Christian family raising five kids. I love to
see how you have involved your children in the
business while keeping your focus on Christ.
Wish there were more families like yours out
there. Best of luck to you all!"
     – Dawn, Nebraska

"Hi PJ…..My soap arrived and it smells
wonderful! My husband really likes the Kool
Koala and I’d have to say that Pink Sugary is my
favorite. That’s not to discount the rest
because they all smell great. I also like the
size of the bars. They’re large enough to share
with other family members. I’ve already cut some
of the bars to share with my daughter,
son-in-law and grandkids. We all love things
that smell good such as candles, soaps. etc.
Your soap has a nice, soft lather and leaves my
skin soft. My daughter and I both have psoriasis
and this soap is kind to our skin and
non-drying. Thanks so much for shipping my order
so quickly. I know I’ll be re-ordering in the
future. Have a great day!"
– Claudia in Texas

"Hello Goat Milk Soap Family, I received my
order yesterday and LOVE your product! My son
has extreme eczema and MckMama recommended your
stuff to me.  A very pleased (and smell
good) customer,"
     – Cindy, Texas
p.s. I LOVE the Nautical for my husband and the
OMH for myself!!!! In love…if you can be in
love with a bar of soap….hee hee 🙂

"Hello Jim and PJ…  I just found your
website and love the beautiful bars of soap. I
have severe psoriasis and I have been using goat
milk soap for about 3 months and have seen some
improvement.  I can’t wait to try your
soap! Your descriptions are so vivid, I can
almost smell it through my computer screen.
Thanks so much and have a good evening."
– Claudia, Texas

"Oh Thank you so much. Your soap is like an
addiction. We love it here. My kids skin is so
sensitive plus they both have eczema
and finally I found a soap that will work on
both kids. Before I found you I had to use
different soaps per kid.  And the baby
couldn’t come in contact with his brother’s soap
–  so bath time was a PRODUCTION! Now they
both can have a bath together which saves time &
water. WOO HOO. We love it. Even my husband’s
skin is softer and so is mine – wow had I only
known about you years ago. I’m a customer for
life! Thanks for all that you do."
     – Jeana, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we’ve
been with our goat milk soap. My baby who was 6
months when we started using it had some patches
of rough skin, not quite eczema but close. I am
happy to report that after switching to goat
milk soap, those spots have cleared up
completely. I even use the soap on his little
face to keep it clear and clean. I’ve almost got
all our soap spots switched over to goat milk. I
know I’ll be a repeat customer! Thanks so much!"
            – Kristy,

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent
customer service and quality products. I ordered
your Purity soap for my one-year-old in hopes of
it helping his eczema, and it has worked wonders
on his skin. My other children use your Oatmeal,
Milk, & Honey soap and they just love it. I love
how soft their skin is – I no longer use lotion
on them – and how lovely they smell after a
bath. I use your Purity Scrub and Peppermint
soaps for myself and have no complaints
whatsoever; I am so happy I came across your
website. Thank you!"
Lindsey, North Carolina

"I had ordered your purity soap about a month
ago. One of my two-year-olds has had mild eczema
since he was about 5 months old. Since using
your soap, he has no eczema, and we are not even
lotioning! God Bless you and your family."
April, Texas

"Wow that was fast. THANK YOU! I am anxiously
awaiting my order. I love your soap. Your
adorable children caught my attention at the
flea market here in Louisville a few months ago.
What wonderful salesmen they are! I use the soap
on my 5-year-old and 19-month-old and their skin
has never been so smooth (they both have
eczema).  I will definitely be a regular
customer and have passed your site on to several
friends and family.  Have a wonderful
   – BJ, Kentucky

"Quick story…I told the kids this morning that I ordered new soap, which was followed by yelps of glee and big smiles. Sammy then said (completely unprovoked I might add) "my showers used to make me itchy, but now I’m not itchy. This is the best soap ever!" From the mouth of a five year old to your ears–clearly his eczema is better. We can’t wait to try out the new soaps!!!!"
   –  Marybeth, Florida

"My daughter has allergies and eczema and we tried and love your soap.  Thank You."
   – Trish, Kentucky

"I purchased one of your bars of soap (evergreen) at the Louisville Flea Market. Your son convinced me, also told me it was the last bar of this Christmas scent. Had to buy it! Great little sales pitch, also showed me the pictures of the family milking the goats. Love it! Wish I had bought more. Just bought some on your web site. Bought 5 more bars. Can’t wait to get them. I am convinced now. My daughter has bad eczema and this has worked good for her. No more cortizone cream or expensive lotion soap. Would have been much cheaper to buy your product from the get-go. "
   – Bonnie, Kentucky