Bees love our sunflowers!
Our apples are getting bigger and bigger! We can’t wait until they’re ready! -Brett
The girls and I got our ears pierced a few weeks ago… it’s almost time to take our starter earrings out! -Brett
Emery found a robin’s nest in our pear tree!
The elderberries came in great this year!
We have some beautiful flowers at the farm!
We got a bunch of chicks a week or two ago, to replace some of our older laying hens. It’ll be 4-6 months before they start giving us eggs! -Brett
The rabbits love when we give them the scraps from the garden! -Brett
Nothing like a fresh muffin and coffee while watching the goats!
Mom made dilly beans last week!
Happy goats!
After at least four years of “patiently” waiting, Indigo finally got her ears pierced. She was just a little excited. The three girls got them pierced in preparation for Brett’s wedding. -PJ
I was a bit frustrated with God because it rained hard on my cut hay. Then He sent a rainbow to make me feel better and remind me of His love. -PJ
We are babysitting this bottle-raised calf. The goats are terrified of him, but Greyden now wants his own cow!
How much pesto do you think we made with this basil? Hint: it’s A LOT.