Processing Jewelweed

Last week I talked about how we harvested jewelweed to be used in our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  Once Greyden and Emery collect all of the jewelweed, it’s time to process it. Jade does “quality control on it first”. She sorts through and makes sure to remove any weeds or items we don’t want to […]

Harvesting Jewelweed

We try to keep everything we do as natural as possible here on the farm.  That includes the food we (and all of our animals) eat as well as all of the items we make.  One of our most popular specialty items is our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  These are used to both help […]

Why We Don’t Like Johnson Grass

Here at Goat Milk Stuff we try very hard to feed our goats the best food available. This is the main reason we grow our own hay. Although many people erroneously believe that goats can (and will) eat almost anything, one thing they shouldn’t eat is Johnson Grass. If consumed in large quantities, it can […]

Do You Take Advantage of Opportunities?

I love the fact that because of Goat Milk Stuff, we’ve been able to take the family on many adventures to many cities.  We’ve been on television in St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and New York City.  Our latest trip brought us to Kansas City. We really enjoy the chance to be […]

5K Color Run

Exercise is something important to our family so we can stay healthy. All of the boys run cross country and track. Last Saturday we all participated in a 5K Color Run, to help raise money to fight cancer! All of the children ran the race, while Jim and I chose to just walk it. Before […]

Baby Goats Visiting the Nursing Home

Remember when we brought some baby goats to the nursing home? We did it again! Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, Jade, and Dad brought two or three of our youngest babies to visit. The residents loved it! The babies gave them kisses, and nibbled on their fingers, and even let some of the residents hold them. The […]


Everyone in our family absolutely LOVES musicals.  While we were visiting New York City, we had the opportunity to see three broadway musicals, including Newsies. My siblings and I absolutely love the Newsies movie*, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to see the play. It was absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t stop talking about it. […]

Happy Birthday Emery!

Emery turned fifteen last week! Hewitt put all of the candles on his cake – and made sure to put them as far apart as he could. Because, you know, if you don’t blow out all of your candles in one blow you’re a failure or something like that. 😉 But Emery had no trouble at […]

Emery’s Flower Garden

Ever since he was young, Emery has always enjoyed flowers.  Throughout the years he has had different flower gardens. When we moved from Charlestown to Scottsburg, he transported many of the flowers, and started a new one! This Spring, he has started one next to the barn.  Only the Daffodils have started blooming so far. This […]

Healthy Field, Healthy Goats!

I’m not a big fan of chemicals.  They have their place and are useful in certain applications.  But in general, I think that as a society we rely too heavily on them. We work hard on the farm to avoid chemicals – especially if there is a healthier, more natural method available to us. One […]

Ask a Jonas – Emery & Lotion Sticks

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm tours, selling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own! Emery, how do […]

Taping Boxes and Making Forts

Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we go through lots of mailing boxes. Normally, when we run out of prepared boxes, we’ll get everyone together and have a big box taping party. But the other day, some of the kids decided to have a box making battle. They split into two teams to make forts, with each team trying […]

Having Fun in the Snow

During the month of February, we received a good amount of snow.  While on my way back to the house, I found Emery and Greyden hard at work shoveling. Turns out they decided to make an “igloo”! They made it so big, they were both able to fit inside! And of course, they always love hiding. The boys […]