Taping Boxes and Making Forts

Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we go through lots of mailing boxes. Normally, when we run out of prepared boxes, we’ll get everyone together and have a big box taping party. But the other day, some of the kids decided to have a box making battle.

kids making forts

They split into two teams to make forts, with each team trying to make the biggest and “strongest”.

Fletcher was a team by himself,

kids making forts_1

kids making forts_8

And Emery, Indigo, and Jade were the other team. (And in case you don’t think that’s fair, Fletcher had the large boxes, and the other kids had smaller boxes, so they had to make more to build a good fort.)

kids making forts_5

kids making forts_6

kids making forts_9

kids making forts_3

Within an hour, they had made several hundred boxes, and had a great time. We love making work fun! And we also love when we don’t have to make boxes for a few weeks. LOL


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