The Sweet Smell of Success

People always think that because we have a soap business, we must smell good all the time. The truth is – sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. There is a lot of hard work involved with running a family of ten and a business. And when that business involves goats, well there’s quite a bit of stinky stuff involved. Especially for the boys – they tend to lean their heads against the goats’ sides while they milk, so they constantly stink like the goats. And then, of course, there’s the odor that comes with cleaning out the stalls.


The rest of us may not smell like goats, but we do work hard and get really sweaty sometimes. Especially since we haven’t gotten the air conditioner units up in the soap room yet. Friday I was doing a lot of work in the hot soap room and quite honestly, I was sweaty and stinky. This was the day after we put up our new website, and we were running late putting together the internet orders, so we missed the mail lady. I had told everybody that their packages were going out that day, so I had to make a trip into town to the post office. Since I was going to the post office, I also needed to stop at the bank and make a deposit.

It was already after 4:00, so I didn’t have time to shower. I asked Jim as I kissed him good-bye if I was stinky. He cheerfully responded, “Yep!” Oh well…

Fast forward to the teller line at my bank. I hand my teller my deposit and she responds, “I always love it when you make a deposit. Your money always smells so good! It makes my whole drawer smell amazing.”

I couldn’t help it, I started laughing. Here I was worrying about being stinky in public, and my bank teller is telling me that my money smells good!

Way too funny.




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