Hang 10 Episode 2: The Jonases Invade New York City

We LOVE to travel!  We don’t get to do it as often as we would like because of the goats, but we always take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.  Normally it takes a LOT of time to plan a vacation for the ten of us.  We have to figure out sleeping arrangements […]

What Did You DO???

We wanted to put together a video that demonstrated the youngest person rule in action at our house. We accomplished our goal.  But if you’ve ever thought that nothing ever goes wrong in our lives, here’s your proof that we mess up too! How funny was that?!?    

Wet Shaving and Razor Burn

What is a wet shave?  What is a dry shave?  Isn’t it all just cutting whiskers? Well, yes.  A dry shave typically uses an electric razor (hence the lack of water), and a wet shave uses any number of razor blades with a lubricating agent and water.  Either way, you get your whiskers cut, and […]

Do I Have To Pay My Taxes?

Do you hate paying taxes?  You’ll love this!  Brett wrote and performed this parody of the song, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” from Disney’s Oscar-Winning animated film, Frozen, that we can all relate to.  Please like, share, comment on and generally promote this video if you love to see hard working youth using their […]

All About Brett

Brett is one of the most amazing young ladies I have ever met. Yes, I’m her mom. And yes, I’m biased. But it is still true.  Just watch this short video if you don’t believe me! I have loved watching her mature and grow, and develop her own opinions and thoughts. Listening to her in […]

Taking Out The Christmas Tree

This year we cut down a HUGE Christmas tree for the new house.  We thoroughly enjoyed decorating it and the beauty it added to our Christmas season.  Disposing of it was quite an adventure as this video shows: I loved watching the children learn the “easy” way to drag a tree. LOL How do you […]