A Goat Of A Different Color

There are lots of different goat breeds out there.  We’ve had many (but not all) of them over the first several years of owning goats.  I knew I didn’t want to maintain separate breeds (mostly because of requiring different breeds of bucks). One of the reasons we decided to have a herd of Alpine Dairy […]

Arctic and Ammunition

In 2014, Anne was the last baby born. Her mom had miscarried and then got bred again; so Anne was significantly later than the rest of the babies born in 2014. When we started breeding season this year, Anne was about 20 pounds too light to have her bred and not have possible health issues […]

Zalaxy and Zelena

Things are always busy and a tad bit crazy here at Goat Milk Stuff. Kidding season is no exception. Just like the holiday season for the soap, kidding season for the goats is all hands on deck. Well, all hands on deck is hard to accomplish if we get a last minute publicity event 12 […]

Getting a Shave

It’s starting to get hot here in Indiana. The goats have lots of woods to escape to that are much cooler, yet for some strange reason, they prefer to hang out at the barn where it is hottest. The black goats are the ones that feel it the most, so we’ve started giving them their […]

Tabasco and Teaberry

It was a pretty typical day the day Tapioca gave birth. Everyone was tired, kidding season was wearing down as were we, and the milk room was a mess from all the first fresheners running around during milking and not being used to the way we bring them in and out. Like I said, typical […]

Gaston and Gepetto

We were never sure if Galaxy was even pregnant until the last week before she kidded. She stayed rather under the radar and was very active during her pregnancy. Notoriously, Galaxy is a strange goat. She is never hanging around a certain goat crowd, or sleeping next to her siblings, or really doing anything that […]


Tempest is one of our most beautiful goats. Her udder filled up beautifully throughout her pregnancy and there is not a weak part about her buildup. Even her attitude is great. Tempest had dropped so low that anyone who didn’t know goats would have thought she had 10 babies in her. We had been watching […]

Haven and Hester

Goats don’t seem to care what we’re doing when they give birth. Whether its the middle of the super bowl, or the start of milking, when they are ready, they are ready! Halfway through the milking Hera had her pre-birth goo. That meant time to stop milking and time to take care of Hera. Greyden […]

Hazard and Heidi

During kidding season, things are busy at Goat Milk Stuff. Very busy. Prioritizing is key. Taking care of the goats is busiest in late winter/early spring. The soap room work is busiest October through the holidays. Making sure people are where they need to be can be a daunting task. Being at every goat birth […]


Unlike Jericho (read about her birth story), Idina was clearly pregnant. She is a very active, very curious goat but throughout the last month of her pregnancy, she became more protective of herself and spent more time in the stalls than she usually does. She’s usually one to be out in the woods, leading the herd […]

Vladimir and Rachmaninoff

We are so excited about our herd of goats and how great they are.  When we first got goats – they were ok.  But even though we loved them, it wasn’t hard to find a ‘fault’, even if it was just a matter of preference.  As we would get new goats or retain babies that […]


Sometimes there are goats who just don’t show that they’re pregnant. One day they will act like they are bred, and the next day they are running around like crazy and you’re almost positive that they aren’t. If they only have one baby, they can stay really small, and you’re not sure if they’re pregnant or […]

Eating the Trees

I was looking through our picture folders when I found these pictures of the goats in the woods, taken a year or so ago. They were happily trying to eat everything in sight. Except for the babies, who would rather climb onto the feed containers. By now, they’ve eaten most of the green stuff that […]

Zander, Zexy, and Zigar

We put the feed out at night and encourage the goats to eat after the evening milking. That also helps encourage births during the daytime.  Well, Zeyda didn’t seem to care about that. During kidding season, we take shifts overnight to make sure if any momma does go into labor, that we are there to assist […]