Tempest is one of our most beautiful goats. Her udder filled up beautifully throughout her pregnancy and there is not a weak part about her buildup. Even her attitude is great.

Tempest had dropped so low that anyone who didn’t know goats would have thought she had 10 babies in her. We had been watching her closely out of pure excitement of what she might throw. We knew exactly when she would go into labor and we were correct. It was late at night and goat watches had just started. She had a difficult time learning how to push and figuring out what was going on. I really had to get in there and get the first baby straightened out so she could have as easy a birth as possible. Once I had everything lined up, Tempest realized I couldn’t do all the work myself and helped push the baby out. What a huge baby! It was an 11 pound boy. She seemed oddly relieved after pushing out Tablet.


I went back in to check her and was disappointed to find that there was no other babies. Tempest had done a great job with this baby and we were very proud of her. We’re already excited for next year to see if she will throw any girls! She turned out to be one of our best milkers, along with one of our most beautiful goats. You rock Tempest.

2015 kid count: 31 doelings, 30 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 27 does kidded, 6 left to go
2 set of quads, 8 sets of triplets, 12 set of twins, 5 singles

Signature Emery



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