Paprika and Pepper

A few hours had passed since Pandora had given birth and we were finally catching up on everything that was delayed from the earlier birth and cleaning up the “due at any moment” stall that we have set up at this point in the season.

Usually, Pemberly isn’t one of the friendliest or most outgoing goats, but she was being very loving and would lick our hands when we were checking her. So as the day progressed and she became more and more restless, and had all the signs of being ready to give birth, we knew it was time!

After bringing her into one of the birthing stalls, even Pemberly knew it was time. Pemberly is a two year old but she never freshened before this and she definitely seemed new to the whole process. She was very tight and didn’t want to stand still at all.

After we calmed her down and figured out that the first baby was properly presented, Pemberly decided she was ready to help get the baby out. It took a long time, but Paprika came out healthy. The fact that she was huge might have been the reason things were a little slow!

After Paprika was out, I found another baby inside who wasn’t properly lined up at all. It took a lot time lining up the second baby who also seemed rather large at the time. After lining everything up and motivating Pemberly, Pepper was born! He wasn’t as big as his older sister, but almost. The two of them together were an awful lot of baby for a first freshener to carry!

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Pemberly seemed very relieved that it was over and recovered very quickly. Warm molasses water seems to always do the trick!

2015 kid count: 27 doelings, 22 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 20 does kidded, 13 left to go
2 set of quads, 7 sets of triplets, 9 set of twins, 2 singles


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