21 Uses for Extra Whey

With all of the yogurt and cheesemaking we do around here, we have a LOT of extra whey.  If you’re not sure what whey is, there are actually two types of whey. Acid Whey: When you make cheese that uses lemon juice, vinegar, or citric acid to curdle the milk, the leftover whey is acid […]

How to Make Goat Milk Greek Yogurt

As I mentioned earlier, turning our raw goat milk into homemade yogurt is a great way to fill my children with healthy probiotics and boost their immune system. Unless you heat the milk for extended time periods or add powdered milk, most homemade yogurt will come out fairly runny.  While this is great for smoothies, […]

15 Ways to Use Goat Milk

There is a saying in the goat community – “Goats are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.” It is so true! We have definitely found that our herd has grown to more animals than we really need because it is so hard to decide to sell any.  Mostly because of the children.  Each […]

Kids Cooking – Sourdough Bread

I have been experimenting with sourdough bread for about a year now.  I’ve finally figured out how to consistently make a great loaf of bread that my family loves.  If you’ve read the two previous sourdough posts you better understand the health benefits of sourdough.  You also know how to feed your starter and keep […]

Don’t Let Your Sourdough Starter Die!

In a previous post I discussed why I stopped baking with wheat and started baking with sourdough.  In this post, I’m going to discus how to keep your sourdough starter alive and healthy. Because your sourdough starter is essentially alive, you need to feed it.  “Feeding the starter” simply means adding flour and water.  You […]

The Benefits of Sourdough

About a year ago, Jim and I went to San Francisco without the children.  I have always loved sourdough bread, so while we were there, we purchased several loaves to bring home with us. The children adored it. I looked into purchasing sourdough around here, but couldn’t find a good source.  Then I looked into […]

Kids Cooking – Keurig Oatmeal

Most mornings, the children make their own breakfasts. One of their “quickie” breakfasts is instant oatmeal. It became even faster and easier for them to make once Grandma bought us a Keurig*. They take their instant oatmeal and a bowl: Add the oatmeal to the bowl: And add the hot water from the Keurig*! The […]

Kids Cooking – Baked Oatmeal

One of our favorite breakfast recipes is baked oatmeal. Its easy- all the kids are capable of cooking it. It can also make a good vegan recipe if you replace the butter and egg with applesauce or olive oil.  Before Emery started he pulled out the kid friendly recipe,  got out all the ingredients, and […]

Homemade Pizza

One of the fun things we enjoy doing as a family is making homemade pizza. Jim is mainly responsible for the pizza crust once I’ve made the dough using our regular bread recipe. Once the dough is on the pizza cookie sheets, we cook them for about 8 minutes at 350 til they are fully […]

Kids Cooking – French Toast

If your children are like mine, they’re always wanting to tackle new challenges.  Jade has been very excited lately to learn how to cook.  One of the first full meals she is able to make all by herself is French Toast.  I do slice the homemade bread for her so the slices are relatively uniform. […]