Processing Jewelweed

Last week I talked about how we harvested jewelweed to be used in our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  Once Greyden and Emery collect all of the jewelweed, it’s time to process it. Jade does “quality control on it first”. She sorts through and makes sure to remove any weeds or items we don’t want to […]

Black Cherry Grape Goat Milk Soap

Every month we release limited edition soap scents. For the month of May, we have released Strawberries & Champagne, Nag Champa, Confetti,  and of course, Black Cherry Grape. It’s a combination of several different fragrances that gives it a strong fruity smell, that almost smells of fruit juice. This warm, rich, fruity smell puts you […]

Confetti Goat Milk Soap

Limited Editions

Confetti is a mix of a variety of scents. While trying to come up with a name for it, everyone smelled something different! It has a strong spice smell (reminiscent of the Cranberry Spice soap) but we’ve also detected everything from floral to tropical. We decided Confetti best described this complex scent.    

Almond & OMH Shampoo Soap

Goat Milk Stuff makes a shampoo bar for natural hair care in a few different scents, including Rosemary Mint, Tea Tree, and Unscented. This month, we have a limited run of Almond and OMH scented shampoo bars. The Almond is made with almond essential oil, and smells like sweet cherries. The OMH is scented with […]

Red Clover Tea Goat Milk Soap

Whether its tulips, lilacs, Emery’s flowers, or the dandelions there are always lots of flowers blooming around the farm! During springtime floral scented soaps such as Honeysuckle, Emery’s Flower Garden, and Daffodil are popular. This month, we also have Red Clover Tea! It’s a lightly floral scented, refreshingly sweet bar, and a pale green color. You can […]

Strawberries & Champagne for Mother’s Day

This Spring we have a popular soap scent for women; Strawberries & Champagne! It is lightly scented, and is a dupe of the Victoria’s Secret scent. This soap is also available in our Mother’s Day Pack, which includes 1 bar of Strawberries & Champagne, 1 Almond Lotion Stick, and 1 Vanilla Lip Balm. You can find Strawberries & Champagne on […]

Cranberry Spice Goat Milk Soap

Colter is in charge of making all the soap around here. This month in addition to Daffodil, Emery’s Flower Garden, and Spearmint Lime, we have Cranberry Spice! It has the sweetness of cranberries with the spiciness of cinnamon, nutmegs, and cloves. This scent is so popular around the holidays that it sells out in a couple […]

Spearmint Lime Goat Milk Soap

Here at Goat Milk Stuff we have over 20 soap scents that we make year round. We also have dozens of “limited edition” scents that we release at least once a year. For April, we have a brand new scent! Introducing Spearmint Lime. We have combined spearmint and lime essential oil to give it a fresh minty, […]

Emery’s Flower Garden

Ever since he was young, Emery has always enjoyed flowers.  Throughout the years he has had different flower gardens. When we moved from Charlestown to Scottsburg, he transported many of the flowers, and started a new one! This Spring, he has started one next to the barn.  Only the Daffodils have started blooming so far. This […]

Daffodil Soap for Easter

We have a special Easter soap this year!  Our newest limited edition soap is a special Daffodil Soap that is now cured and ready just in time for Easter.  This is a new soap we’ve never offered before, with a mild floral scent that smells of spring and of daffodil flowers. Orders placed by midnight on Tuesday 3/31/15 are […]