Lady on the Hill

Last summer we took the children to visit the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  We absolutely loved it. While shopping at their retail store, I picked up the book, Lady on the Hill* by Howard Covington.   It’s the story of how the Biltmore Estate  managed to stay in the family and become a profitable venture […]

Mean Mom Pledge

Have you ever been accused of being a Mean Mom?  I would certainly hope so!  I know that every time I have been told I’m a Mean Mom, I respond with, “Good.  I’m supposed to be.” Afterall, It has never been my goal to please my children.  Instead, my goal has always been to raise […]

Alone Time

Ever have those moments where you think you’re talking to someone, only to turn around and discover that you are the only person in the room? I’ve had a few of those lately. It’s making me wonder whether I’m losing my sanity, or just losing my hearing.   But it got me thinking…   It’s […]

Do Your Children Use Their Brains to Think?

Now that the construction is finished at our new farm, Jim and I have a lot of our time freed up.  We’ve been talking about where to spend some of that time when it comes to Goat Milk Stuff and in what direction we want to take the business. More wholesale? More internet? More agri-tourism? Since we’re focusing […]

Privacy Issues

When I first started blogging about my life, I encountered a lot of fear from people that I knew. The general consensus seemed to be that if I put photos of my children and talked about them online, they were going to be stolen or harmed in some way.  And people were very verbal about […]

What Nelson Mandela Taught Me About Parenting

I’m always looking for good movies to watch with the children.  I believe that an incredible story with an incredible message can teach and shape and mold the children’s characters.  It can also help them remember what they’ve learned because visual images when connected with emotion are very powerful. So when Jim and I watched […]


I received a phone call last week from a woman who had just discovered we were building a new soap room in Scottsburg.  We had a nice conversation and then she made a comment that stuck with me.  She asked me how long we had been in business and when I told her four years […]

Are Children Ever Too Young to Work?

I took the youngest five children (Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade) food shopping with me the other day.   I pushed a cart, Greyden pushed a cart, Hewitt pushed the “car” cart holding the girls, and Fletcher walked on his crutches.  I sent Greyden and Fletcher off to fill their cart with cereal, oatmeal, […]