Mean Mom Pledge

Have you ever been accused of being a Mean Mom?  I would certainly hope so!  I know that every time I have been told I’m a Mean Mom, I respond with, “Good.  I’m supposed to be.”

Afterall, It has never been my goal to please my children.  Instead, my goal has always been to raise well-adjusted, loving children that make me proud.  And not proud in a “I graduated from Harvard” kind of way.  I desire proud in a “Mom, I did the right thing even when nobody was looking and even though I didn’t want to” kind of way.

So with that said, I would like to invite you to take the Mean Mom Pledge with me.


All you have to do is raise your right hand and repeat (out loud) after me.

  1. I promise to always try to do what is best for my children in the long-term, not what is easiest in the short-term.
  2. I promise not to make things easy on my children, but to let them feel the consequences of their actions.
  3. I promise to teach my children how to take care of themselves (including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and personal hygiene), and not do it all for them.
  4. I promise not to give my children everything they want as soon as they want it.
  5. I promise to not always put my children first, but to teach them that life does not revolve around them.
  6. I promise to teach my children to accept the word “No” without throwing a tantrum.
  7. I promise to teach my children how to live below their means and be responsible with their money.
  8. I promise to teach my children not to whine.
  9. I promise to take care of myself even if that means putting my needs ahead of my children’s needs occasionally.
  10. I promise to teach my children to work, to work hard, and to do it with a good attitude.
  11. I promise to teach my children the difference between a want and a need.
  12. I promise to make sure that my children regularly get enough sleep, even if that means limiting the fun or educational activities we participate in.
  13. I promise to teach my children to eat their vegetables and to enjoy healthy food.

Remember, being a Mean Mom does not imply that you are perfect.  It just means that you are doing your best to raise your children in a way that will help them to become the future adult you want them to be.   Keep the long-term view in mind and it helps with making the right short-term decisions!

mean mom pledge

If you agree with the Mean Mom Pledge, please post it and share it with others. You can copy the code below:

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And if you have any promises you think should be added to the pledge, please share them in the comments below!






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