Sabor, Second, and Sicily

Not long after Jamaica, Jemima, and Jiminy were born, we were called out to the barn because Payton was in labor. Dad was trying to figure out what was going on – according to him, the kids were pretty tangled up, which is typical for Payton babies. They have a mind of their own.

Dad eventually got them straightened out and soon enough he pulled out the first baby. “It’s a girl,” someone said, and we began shouting out names.

goat birth payton_1

Because Payton is a P, you’d think we’d name her kids P names – but Payton is Persephone’s half-sister, and we wanted to keep their lines separate. On Payton’s paperwork, her name is Storm Payton, so she became “S”.

Sailor and Sashay were the two names that were being fought over when Mom brought up the name Sabor (suh-bore). Lets just say that the word Sabor is a Jonas Family inside joke, so most of the kids liked that idea, but the other kids wanted Sashay.

Well, you know what to do when there’s an argument you can’t resolve. You do Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Each side picked a representative to fight for them. Colter was chosen to represent Team Sashay, and Indigo represented Team Sabor.

The first shoot was a tie.

So was the second.

On the third, rock beat scissors, and Indigo and Team Sabor walked away triumphant.

goat birth payton_4

Meanwhile, Dad was still trying to figure out what was going on with the rest of the kids. He was pretty sure that there were two kids in the same sack – something we’d never seen before. One of them was breech, coming out backwards, and the other was presenting normally. Because of the way they were positioned, he decided to pull the kid in breech first.

When it came out, it was too limp, too small. I rubbed its chest for a little while, but there was no movement. It was a buckling, not quite fully developed.

We didn’t have any time to be sad over Second – which is what we named him – because within two minutes, his much bigger sister, Sicily, was born!

goat birth payton_2

We got Sabor and Sicily dried off, filled their bellies with warm colostrum, and put their collars on them, since we were now up to seven kids, all of which were black or sundgau (the black with that white “trim”). We didn’t want to mix any of them up!

goat birth payton_3



2015 kid count: 7 doelings, 2 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 3 doe kidded, 30 left to go
0 set of quads, 3 sets of triplets, 0 set of twins, 0 singles

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