Harvesting Jewelweed

We try to keep everything we do as natural as possible here on the farm.  That includes the food we (and all of our animals) eat as well as all of the items we make.  One of our most popular specialty items is our jewelweed soap and jewelweed salve.  These are used to both help […]

Why We Don’t Like Johnson Grass

Here at Goat Milk Stuff we try very hard to feed our goats the best food available. This is the main reason we grow our own hay. Although many people erroneously believe that goats can (and will) eat almost anything, one thing they shouldn’t eat is Johnson Grass. If consumed in large quantities, it can […]

Meet Mary Ellen

A few weeks ago, we told you about our new barn cat, John Boy. He has been doing great; everyone on the farm has fallen in love with him. But then last week, when Kirk & Connie from Oregon stopped in at Goat Milk Stuff, they discovered a stowaway. Coming from their engine was the […]


Emery has a variety of flowers in his flower garden. Because there is so much variety, they don’t all bloom at the same time of year. Which means there are always some kind of pretty flower growing. One of the flowers that are blooming right now, are the lilies! They add so much color to the landscape. What […]

Meet John Boy

We have several cats around the farm (Jason and Ginger being 2 of them) that help reduce the mouse population.  Since we are expanding into food with a new building, we thought we should increase our cat population, just to be safe. Following our cat naming system, meet John Boy! He’s about 7 weeks old, and […]

Putting Up Hay

Remember last year when we put up hay? Early summer is usually hay time around here.  The fields were tall, so the farmer came to cut it: It has to dry out before it can be baled. In past years, it has rained after it’s cut, which results in having to wait longer before baling […]

Chicken Treats

I was walking past the barn the other day, and I noticed Greyden standing in very wet clumpy mud, digging with his hands. Me: “Greyden what are you doing?” Greyden: “I’m looking for worms for the chickens!” Apparently right after it rains, all of the worms are close to the surface of the ground, which […]

Thor and Baxter

Thor and Baxter, our livestock guardian dogs, spend their time with the goats, but they love spending time with the humans too! But out of all of us, their favorites are Mom and Fletcher. They could spend all day playing with Fletcher and letting Mom pet them. When Mom walks from the soaproom the dogs […]

Emery Crowing

I’m not a big fan of our chickens in general, but I really don’t like roosters.  Our biggest rooster is a Barred Rock and he is particularly annoying. He likes to run, as fast as he can, towards anybody that he thinks is inferior to him. Basically, anybody other than Dad and Colter. I recently […]

Gallons and Gallons of Milk

Every year we have lots of new baby goats born. Lots of baby goats drink lots of milk. As baby goats get bigger, they drink more, which makes them get bigger, which makes them drink more. It’s a never-ending cycle!  At least it’s a never-ending cycle until the babies are weaned. When the boys finish milking the goats, we send […]

Splitting Firewood

We heated our old house exclusively with wood.  We have a fireplace insert at our new house, but we also use gas heat (which is good because my bedroom is at the opposite end of the house from the fireplace). We have a lot of downed trees from the construction on our new farm.  A […]


When we lived in Charlestown, Farmer Frazier would bring us our hay as round bales, deposit them in the pasture, and we’d be good. Here in Scottsburg, we have our own hay field.  Because we don’t have a tractor to move round bales, we have Farmer Todd put up our hay in square bales.  First […]