Meet John Boy

We have several cats around the farm (Jason and Ginger being 2 of them) that help reduce the mouse population.  Since we are expanding into food with a new building, we thought we should increase our cat population, just to be safe. Following our cat naming system, meet John Boy!

meet john boy - new cat kitten

He’s about 7 weeks old, and absolutely adorable to watch! We’ve only had him about a week, and almost everyone in the family has fallen in love with him.

meet john boy - new cat kitten_1

meet john boy - new cat kitten_2

meet john boy - new cat kitten_3

meet john boy - new cat kitten_4

Kittens are so much fun! Do you have any cats?




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  • RaD3321

    Yep, two rescues that are brothers and are now nearing 9 years old (had them since they were 3 months old) and one who is nearing 4 years old that we found outside our home at about 4 weeks old crying his head off. We heard him several times calling for mama throughout the day and into the next before we finally located him. Something must’ve happened to his mama so brought him home and cared for him.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Good for you!! PJ

  • Cathy Trewhitt Randolph

    I have two three-year-old cats, a female tabby named Willow, and a solid black male named Oz.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Love our cats! PJ