Putting Up Hay

Remember last year when we put up hay? Early summer is usually hay time around here.  The fields were tall, so the farmer came to cut it:

putting up hay

putting up hay_1

putting up hay_5

putting up hay_7

It has to dry out before it can be baled. In past years, it has rained after it’s cut, which results in having to wait longer before baling it. Fortunately this year it didn’t, so we didn’t have to wait long!

putting up hay_2

This year we had a hay wagon behind the tractor. The boys grabbed the bales, and stacked them flat. (Much more effective than using pickup trucks like last year!)

putting up hay_6

putting up hay_8

Once the wagon was full, they pulled it to the barn, where we put it up.

putting up hay_3

putting up hay_9

We gathered and put up 500 bales in 3 hours! It’s hard work, but it gives us lots of hay for the goats. Hopefully we can get a second cutting. Have you ever helped put up hay?




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