5K Color Run

Exercise is something important to our family so we can stay healthy. All of the boys run cross country and track. Last Saturday we all participated in a 5K Color Run, to help raise money to fight cancer! All of the children ran the race, while Jim and I chose to just walk it. Before […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday! The last time we had a birthday blog post for Mom was in 2009, when she wrote a blog post called “Happy Birthday To Me”. It’s been a while. LOL One of my favorite parts of our birthday celebration is that we get a picture of the birthday boy/girl with everyone […]

Mean Mom Pledge

Have you ever been accused of being a Mean Mom?  I would certainly hope so!  I know that every time I have been told I’m a Mean Mom, I respond with, “Good.  I’m supposed to be.” Afterall, It has never been my goal to please my children.  Instead, my goal has always been to raise […]

Thor and Baxter

Thor and Baxter, our livestock guardian dogs, spend their time with the goats, but they love spending time with the humans too! But out of all of us, their favorites are Mom and Fletcher. They could spend all day playing with Fletcher and letting Mom pet them. When Mom walks from the soaproom the dogs […]

Ask A Jonas – PJ’s Thoughts On Family Time

We get asked lots of questions when we’re doing farm tours, selling soap at craft fairs, or simply running errands.  Since most of those answers are heard only by the person who asked, we decided to share some of the common questions here on the blog.  And of course you can ask a question of your own! PJ, when do […]

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Jim and I met at The University of Virginia, so Thomas Jefferson is very important to us.  Here is an interesting fact – Thomas Jefferson was born on Jim’s birthday (April 13) and died on Jade’s birthday (July 4).  I always post the children’s birthday photos, and they insisted that I post Daddy’s birthday photos as […]

Disney Wild Africa Trek

While we were in Disney World, we decided it was time to do something we’d never done before. The Wild Africa Trek! Indigo and Jade were too young, so while we were doing it, they went off and toured Animal Kingdom with some of Grandma’s friends. I can honestly say that this is one of […]

San Francisco

This summer, Jim and I were flown out to San Francisco by one of our vendors.  We really enjoy having time together just the two of us, but it was strange to be out there without the children.  We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  And ride over it. And visit wine country. And […]


I love the sunshine.  Sunny days just make me happy and put a big smile on my face.  One of the reasons we go to Florida every winter is because I really need to escape to some warm weather and sunshine to make it through the winter or I get very cranky. This winter has […]

I’m Overwhelmed!

Very rarely do I ever complain or whine here on my blog.  But I confess, I feel the need to do just that because… I am overwhelmed!!  It doesn’t happen to me often because I work really hard to maintain margin in my life and not do too much.  But life has some how gotten […]

Fox 59 Interview

We have so much fun sharing our story and our stuff with people.  It’s one of the greatest things in the world to be able to support your family doing something that you truly love.  Last week, we were able to go to Indianapolis to be on the Fox 59 morning show with Jenny Anchondo. […]

What a Guy!

Today is Father’s Day and we’re not doing a whole lot to celebrate it.  Part of the reason is because we don’t make a big fuss about celebrations.  Part of the reason is because we’re super busy.  And part of the reason is because Jim is fairly understated and doesn’t require or demand extra attention. […]

The Importance of Free Wi-Fi

We love living in the country. There is only one problem – the lack of high speed internet. Right now we have satellite internet, which is better than dial-up. Most of the time. The biggest problem is when we have several days of stormy weather, like we’ve had. So what’s an entrepreneurial family with a thriving business  that requires […]