What a Guy!

Today is Father’s Day and we’re not doing a whole lot to celebrate it.  Part of the reason is because we don’t make a big fuss about celebrations.  Part of the reason is because we’re super busy.  And part of the reason is because Jim is fairly understated and doesn’t require or demand extra attention.

Jim and PJ

Many of you may have realized that I am the dreamer around here.  I’m the one that’s always coming up with the next thing that we’re going to do.  And I go after it full steam ahead.  I often get a lot of attention because I’m always the one blazing the trail, asking the questions and interacting.

Jim doesn’t get nearly as much attention.  But in all honesty, Jim’s the one that makes it happen.  He’s the one that keeps it going.  I make an off-hand comment, and he spends hours thinking about it and making my dreams a reality.

Here is just one example.  We have a green screen for the videos that we do.  Well, I don’t really know what I’m doing, and it hasn’t been a priority for me to learn.  But I have realized that we don’t light up the green screen enough.  So I said something to Jim about how it would be nice if we had some lights to clamp to the corner of the green screen so it would be more lit up.

And then I forgot about it.

A few days later I was working on my computer and there was an awful lot of banging going on upstairs. Honestly, I thought it was the children doing something and didn’t really pay too much attention to it.

And then Indigo and Jade came rushing down the stairs and dragged me upstairs babbling over and over about how it was done and I had to come and see it.

So I went upstairs to discover this:

Green Screen Lighting

It turns out that Jim had spent several hours researching green screen lighting and dismissed the idea of lights clamped to the corners as ineffective.  But he knew I wanted it improved, and so he devised and created this setup.  He put together a PVC pipe framework to which he attached lighting units.  He told me all about the different light spectrums he got for the bulbs and why he thought they would be best.

I would like to say I was surprised – and in a way I was, because I had no idea he was working on the lighting for the green screen.  But in another way I wasn’t surprised at all because Jim is always doing things like that for me.  He’s always telling me, “You dream it, I do it.”  And it is so true.

Our tagline is “Work hard. Get dirty. Use good soap.”  Well, that describes our family so well because Jim is the hardest worker I know and he’s teaching the children just how important hard work is.  Not by telling them.  But by showing them.

So, since there is not a “Husband’s Day”, I want to take this Father’s Day to tell Jim what a great husband and father you are and that we’d be lost without you.  Love you, honey!!



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