The Green Screen Clean Team

We met today with our videographer to work on our facebook video. It was the first time the children (or Jim and I for that matter) have ever worked with a green screen. It was really fun watching the children “act”. They’ve all been on camera and tv before, but it was always just doing what we normally do. Or being interviewed and answering questions.

This was the first time they were told what to say and had to say it with a smile and with enthusiasm. It was really interesting to see who were the natural actors and who struggled with it.  Fletcher was the biggest surprise with how well he did so quickly. Emery and Indigo were the two who were the most natural at it. But all of them made us laugh with some of their bloopers and expressions.

Here are some photos I took while they were getting ready:

Indigo Jonas

Hewitt Jonas

Greyden Jonas

Brett had a blast with saying “Fletcher Take 1”:

Goat Milk Stuff

And our wonderful videographers, Dustin and Elvis (I’ll let you guess who is who):

Goat Milk Stuff

I really hope that we get to have a blooper reel, because some of it was really funny.  And as for me, I much preferred being behind the camera directing the children to being in front of it.

Once we were done we left the office and headed outside to find some pig statues to sit on and a statue of Thomas Jefferson to pose in front of.




We all worked hard to do a good job and are looking forward to seeing the finished video!! 😀




Update: You can now watch the finished video.

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