Safety Matters!

We started offering farm tours this year, which is something we’re really excited about. Everybody really enjoys them, but one thing we noticed was that elderly people had difficulty going up the incline by the barn.  To make it safer for everyone (and less muddy!), we put in a sidewalk between the soaproom and the barn. […]

Outfitting the House

Once most of the painting was done, the house started getting important items like kitchen cabinets, counter tops, thermostats*, bath tubs, and bathroom cabinets. We spent hours in the house helping to open cardboard boxes and then carting the empty cardboard away. With all the cabinets, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, ceiling fans, doors, and everything else […]

Chicken Board

When we were building our house, the stairs were some of the last things to be built, and it’s hard to jump up a three foot wall when you’re carrying things. So Lucky built us what was affectionately called, “the chicken board”. First it was on the side of the house, when they were framing […]

Framing the House

A lot of work went into the house – clearing the land, digging the basement.  That was cool to watch.  But the best part was when they started framing it. That was when the new house became real for me – when we had walls and rooms framed out.  That was when I realized, “we are […]

Talking to Lucky

Lucky, our contractor, is absolutely amazing. From the very beginning, he’s been here to help us make our property the best it can be. In order for him to help us with that, we have to talk to him a lot. I made it my personal mission to take as many pictures of Lucky talking […]

Playing on the Piles

The Jonas children love when something is being built, because construction means that there are lots of piles. Dirt piles, rock piles, concrete piles –  they don’t care, as long as they’re allowed to climb them. And slide down them. (I’m just glad that they each do their own laundry – the Youngest Person Rule strikes again.) […]

Chicken and Buck Barns

We’ve already given you the tour of our main barn, but that barn is only for the female goats (does) and baby goats (kids).  We had to build two smaller barns for our bucks, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. This is the buck/dog shed. The concrete walkway leading to it is now lined by the female […]

The Freezer Room

When we were building the soaproom, Mom asked Dad and Lucky, “Is there any reason to have a ten foot ceiling on the soaproom? Because if we don’t need it, we can just build the soap room eight feet high and save some money.” No one could think of any reason to have a ten […]

Moving into the Soaproom

Once our new racks were set up, Lucky said we could start bringing more stuff into the soaproom. Each day we would fill the Hulk with something new. It took us several weeks, but eventually we had everything brought up to the soaproom (and mostly put away). Our extra USPS boxes were some of the first […]

Building the Soaproom

After the soaproom was framed and the roof was on, it was concrete time!  Concrete truck after concrete truck arrived – a steady stream of them that left what would become the front yard of the soaproom a muddy mess filled with ruts everywhere. (Not that it bothered the kids – they love playing in the […]


Since we did our handprints in the concrete at the soaproom, Mom wanted us to put our footprints on the barn’s porch. (Mom also suggested we do butt prints on the porch of the house, but Dad said no. LOL) First, Ramblyn put the “broom finish” on the concrete – basically, going over the concrete […]


Moving our farm, our family, and our business was a momentous occasion.  It took hours of dreaming, thinking, planning, and working to make it a reality.  Mom asked me to put together a series of blog posts about the construction process. I wanted to start with this one because it means a lot to all […]