When we lived in Charlestown, Farmer Frazier would bring us our hay as round bales, deposit them in the pasture, and we’d be good. Here in Scottsburg, we have our own hay field.  Because we don’t have a tractor to move round bales, we have Farmer Todd put up our hay in square bales.  First […]

Building Forts in the Woods

My children tend to be very creative and make use of existing materials when they want to build something.  So what do we have in abundance around here?  Dozens and dozens of empty coconut oil buckets. We usually take them to a local place to recycle.  But apparently the boys got “inspired” and decided to […]

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys – they will turn straws into fangs: Boys will be boys – they will play in the mud: Boys will be boys –  they will wrestle anyone that will let them: Boys will be boys –  they will play football as much as they can: Boys will be boys – they […]

Suspension Bridge

During our entire visit, Colter had been begging for us to hike to the Suspension Bridge, on the Sheltowee Trace Trail. Sheltowee Trace is a 282 mile trail. And Colter wanted us to hike to the suspension bridge on it. 282 miles. I was not that thrilled.  But Dad did a little research, and found […]

Another Surprise!

My Mom is an amazing Mom. She loves us, takes care of us, and even manages to find the energy to cook up, not only one surprise, but two! (Here is the first surprise) On Dad’s birthday, we all woke up at about 8:30. Mom called Ms. Gretchen and she picked up donuts for us […]


Why do boys like to do things the uncomfortable/difficult way? For instance… Why do they like to wear the footy pajamas that have holes in them? (Even though Mom told them they should be put in the trash…and they have others that they could wear). Why do they like to lie down on the bottom […]

Do You…

Do you like to play in the park? My brothers do: Do you like to watch the others, if you are too small to play? Jade does: Do you think that Daddy is a loon for taking pictures instead of playing? Emery does: Do you think that you are going to catch better if you […]

What Do You Do?

When your legs are so sore from climbing up the sledding hill 20 thousand times, what do you do?… …You read a book:     When it gets to dark to be outside, what do you do?… … You play charades. (In this photo, the boys had some confusion about whether they were making soap, […]

Keeping Busy

We got about 3 inches of snow in the past couple of days. So the boys and I decided that it was perfect time to try out all of our new snow gear.We played around for a while. And then we decided to build a snow fort. Then we decided to build TWO snow forts. […]


One of Daddy’s friends from elementary school was going through Indiana, so he decided to stop by. Dad was excited to see him again, because they had not seen each other in about 25 years! Woody got here around 2:30 on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The kids loved Woody. Indigo was all over him, especially […]

An Easy Day

It’s Saturday and beautiful outside.  The children did the internet orders and then they all disappeared. LOL  I can’t say I blame them.  I’m blogging and then I’m probably going to join them. After all, I may go outside and discover them doing something like this: I’ve already gotten my soap work done. The orders […]

Barrel Racing

We have several rain barrels that we use to… collect rain, of course. The only problem has been that we haven’t had any rain in two months and the barrels were just sitting there empty. So the boys decided to put them to another use:                     […]

Football Fans

We love watching NFL football games on television. The children know most of the rules to playing football from watching these games. But they’ve never been to a live game to watch it in person. Since Charlestown High School was in the sectional tournament at home, and we didn’t have a soap show scheduled, we […]