Chicken Treats

I was walking past the barn the other day, and I noticed Greyden standing in very wet clumpy mud, digging with his hands.

boys digging for worms_blog

Me: “Greyden what are you doing?”

Greyden: “I’m looking for worms for the chickens!”

Apparently right after it rains, all of the worms are close to the surface of the ground, which made it easy for him to find them.

boys digging for worms_blog_1

He had a huge handful of them.

boys digging for worms_blog_2

When his hand got full, he would dump them in a bucket.

boys digging for worms_blog_3

And when his bucket was full, he brought it over to the chicken pen and dumped it in. Then he decided that he’d had enough fun playing in the mud, and he should get back to work. The baby goats were getting hungry, and they were calling him!

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