When I got the “babies!!” call, I ran from the soaproom – but by the time I got there, our newest baby, a girl, was already being licked off by her mama, Vanish.

goat birth vanish

We took her into the milk room to dry her off and spent the next ten minutes trying to decide a name for her.

goat birth vanish_1

We ultimately decided on Vashti.

goat birth vanish_2

goat birth vanish_3

Isn’t she a cutie?

goat birth vanish_5




2015 kid count: 19 doelings, 14 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 13 doe kidded, 20 left to go
2 sets of quads, 5 sets of triplets, 4 sets of twins, 2 singles


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