Tapestry, Tetris, and Tipsy

The first two weeks of kidding season are tough, but very exciting. The overnight shifts and lack of sleep start catching up once the adrenaline of delivering baby goats wears off, but we were off to a great start when Tesla was ready to go.

She is one of our quieter, “under-rated” goats and wasn’t on our radar too much as far as her health or her possible complications.  Telsa’s belly was dropping really, really low so we were hoping for three healthy babies.  Tesla is a great milker and very well behaved so the more doelings we could get from her the better.

It wasn’t a very difficult birth although Tesla doesn’t enjoy kidding season as much as we do.  First out was Tapestry. He was a big, good-looking buck. When I say big, I mean 10.5 pounds! At first we thought she might only have 2 large babies since he was so big. Tetris, a doeling, was right behind him, also ready to get out and meet us. After drying these babies off, Tesla was clearly still pushing and after a short rest, she pushed out another doeling that we named Tipsy.

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They were happy to get out of the obviously crowded belly of Tesla and they were super-friendly, happy baby goats.

2015 kid count: 23 doelings, 20 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 17 does kidded, 16 left to go
2 set of quads, 7 sets of triplets, 6 set of twins, 2 singles

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