Goat Management

It’s that time of year already! After months of caring for the pregnant goats, Kidding Season will be here before we know it. And once again, we’ll be buried in baby goats, paperwork, and lots of milk.

I’m in charge of the goat paperwork. It’s one of the jobs I do at Goat Milk Stuff, and it’s quite time intensive. There’s paperwork every time a baby goat is born, every time we sell a goat, and every time one of the babies we keep gets pregnant.


When a baby goat is born, I sit down and put him or her into our website in several different places. After that, I print two copies of a pedigree application for them. When we sell them, one of those copies will go with their owner, and one of them will stay in our goat notebook in the “sold goats” section, so I have a record of who we’ve sold.

You can download the pedigree application from ADGA, and you can either print it and fill it out or you can fill it out on the computer and then print it. I like to fill it out on the computer, and I’ve found several ways to make it easier to fill out multiple applications at a time.


See the massive notebook behind me? That’s my goat notebook. Once I’ve got all of the pedigree applications for the year filled out, I file them in the goat notebook until we need them.


I’ve spent the past week prepping for our 2014 kidding season. This is when I take all of the applications for the babies we still have and send them in, and in a few weeks we’ll get their pedigrees back.


The pedigree has their ADGA number. We’ll need that to fill out the pedigree application for thier kids when they’re born!

The goat paperwork is a long, but necessary job. Thankfully I enjoy doing it!




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  • Courtney

    Wow, I had no idea there was so much work involved in selling the goats! That’s amazing that you’re in charge of that process. By the time you get to college or start your first job, you’ll already have management experience! Well done!

    • goatmilkstuff

      That’s the goal!! She does amazing. 🙂

  • Caroline

    Really enjoy reading about the process involved in managing the goats etc.

    • goatmilkstuff

      It’s a lot of work, but Brett is great at keeping it all organized. I loved handing off that job to her. LOL PJ