Arctic and Ammunition

In 2014, Anne was the last baby born. Her mom had miscarried and then got bred again; so Anne was significantly later than the rest of the babies born in 2014. When we started breeding season this year, Anne was about 20 pounds too light to have her bred and not have possible health issues come up. As soon as we got her to a healthy weight of 70 pounds, we decided we should see if she would come into heat with one of the younger bucks. It must have been fate for those two! Anne was bred immediately and we were excited to see what colors she might throw with the combination of her and the bucks genes. Anne had a very happy, healthy pregnancy and didn’t show much until the last week.

Anne is from a great line of goats, who are all strong milkers and well-behaved so we were very excited to see what she would do. “Bagging up” is one of the tell-tale signs that a goat is ready to kid. When a goat “bags up”, it means her udder starts to fill up and become noticeably larger. Since Anne is from a line of such great milkers, her udder started filling up and she was on a close watch to make sure we could help her with her birth. There were no complications at all with her birth and she had two beautiful babies. One buckling who we named Ammunition and one doeling who we named Arctic thanks to her clean, white coat. Both of them were healthy.

anne baby goats_blog

anne baby goats_blog_1

A group of people that were on a tour of the farm were in the barn and they got to witness two brand new baby goats come into the world. That was the most exciting part! They loved it. We were so proud of Anne and we are super excited to see how she milks in the future. Way to go Anne!

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  • sandra mcgeough

    Baby Goats are just adorable.

    • goatmilkstuff

      You know it! PJ