Zea and Zany

Mom, Brett and I had just gotten back from Walmart when I saw that there were 2 chickens out of the pen. Since I had to take some stuff into the barn anyway, Mom dropped me off, and she headed back to the house. I decided to take the stuff inside first, before catching the chickens.

I put the stuff away and was getting ready to go catch the chickens when I looked under the hay manger, and there was a baby goat laying on the floor, with Zuzu (the mother) licking it.


I was getting ready to go into the pen so I could dry it off when I saw Zuzu pushing again.


The baby was already most of the way out by the time I noticed, so I jumped the fence and caught it in my arms. A few seconds later, I realized I had no towels.

Since Zuzu is a great mom, she immediately started licking it to dry it off, so I set the baby down and let Zuzu do what she wanted. I climbed over the fence and went to our towel cabinet, grabbing a few towels. Once I’d checked to see what they were, I was able to call Mom and tell her that we had twin girls from Zuzu!

Kids came running out to the barn and soon we had molasses water for Zuzu, I was milking her to get the colostrum, and someone else fed it to the babies.

baby goats zea zany_blog_3

baby goats zea zany_blog_2

baby goats zea zany_blog_1

We decided to name them Zany and Zea, and once I was done taking care of Zuzu, I went back outside to catch those chickens!

Fifteen pregnant goats done.  Two more to go!

Kid count: 10 bucklings. 18 doelings.



 2014 Goat Birth Stories

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  • Eileen Kunstman

    I love reading about all the births! I have always loved goats. Love the podcast too.

    • goatmilkstuff

      I’m so glad! I love it when my children write a blog post now and then. It’s fun to read it from their perspective. 🙂

  • Janine Ann Martinez

    What a good catcher you are…do you play baseball??? 🙂

    • goatmilkstuff

      LOL – he is awesome at just about everything he tries! 🙂