Friday, after three days of no action in the barn, a friend who had been staying with us in the hopes of seeing a goat birth had to leave.  We had just watched the family pull out of the driveway, when we found Zenith with a bubble.  We called our friends and told them to hurry back!  We all assembled in the barn and had cameras ready in plenty of time for Greyden and Emery to catch Lampy!




We all waited in anticipation while Jim checked for the next one…


but all Zenith had for us was a single buckling.


Everyone was still very excited to see Lampy, since this was the first birth our friends had ever seen. 


Of course, there was something of a photo shoot while Greyden continued to rub him dry.



Hewitt milked out Zenith’s colostrum,


while she ate some oats.


Lampy was taken into the warm milkroom to be weighed, have his umbilical cord sprayed with iodine solution to prevent infection, 


and practice standing.



Greyden reported his weight to Brett,


so when she was done putting on Lampy’s collar,


she could feed him the right amount of colostrum.


With a dried-off coat and a warm, full belly, Lampy was ready to go meet the rest of the herd!


Eleven pregnant goats done.  Six more to go!

Kid count: 9 bucklings. 12 doelings.





 2014 Goat Birth Stories

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  • jane Broderick

    I want this one ! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet !

    • goatmilkstuff

      Yes, he is! PJ

  • RaD3321

    Wait… I’m confused…. I thought all your little ones names started with the same first letter as their mama.

    • goatmilkstuff

      They do. Zenith’s full name is Zenith Light. So her babies get her L name. We just call her Zenith as opposed to Light. Because we have ZuZu and seven of her kids – Zaphire, Zenith, Zipporah, Zeyda, Zinna, Zany, and Zea. If each of them had Z kids, it would get out of hand! At some point, we’ll be above 26 goats/letters and have to repeat. But not yet! PJ

  • Crissy Beam

    Absolutely adorable!

    • goatmilkstuff

      We think so! PJ