Factor and Ferocious

Kidding time is a lot of work and not a lot of sleep.  As y’all know, for the entire time (~6 weeks) we take shifts in the barn all night long so we are present if any of the goats need us.  I put together a nice dinner last Thursday to give everyone something special to enjoy as a way of saying thanks for all their hard work.  The boys checked the goats and then came into the house to eat.  After dinner was over, Colter went back out to the barn.  We got a phone call a few moments later that said, “Twins on the ground!!”

baby goats factor and ferocious_blog_3

Yep, Fashion went from nothing to a finished delivery in the 45 minutes it took us to eat.  

Meet Factor and Ferocious, both bucklings.  Factor weighed 11.4 pounds (slightly bigger than Rampart), but apparently didn’t give Fashion any difficulty.

baby goats factor and ferocious_blog_1

baby goats factor and ferocious_blog_2

baby goats factor and ferocious_blog

Eight pregnant goats done. Nine more to go!

Kid count: 8 bucklings. 8 doelings.





 2014 Goat Birth Stories

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