Java and Jericho

Thursday night, Fashion disappointed me by giving me twin bucklings.  She is our goat with the highest butterfat content, and I really wanted to keep a doeling out of her.    Imagine my joy when her daughter, Fantasmic, gave us twin doelings Friday morning!  Tazzy’s butterfat isn’t quite as high as Fashion’s, but it’s still impressive.

baby goats java and jericho_blog_1

baby goats java and jericho_blog_2

baby goats java and jericho_blog_3

baby goats java and jericho_blog_5

 Welcome to the family, Java and Jericho!

baby goats java and jericho_blog_6

baby goats java and jericho_blog_7

Colter got to take care of both babies and make sure they had enough colostrum.  That’s not his usual role (he spends more time with the moms), so it was fun to watch him!

baby goats java and jericho_blog_8

baby goats java and jericho_blog_9

baby goats java and jericho_blog_10

baby goats java and jericho_blog_11

baby goats java and jericho_blog_12

It was a super easy, super quick delivery (the kind we like)!  Both babies presented properly and Fantasmic had no trouble with either one.  

Nine pregnant goats done.  Eight more to go!

Kid count: 8 bucklings. 10 doelings.





 2014 Goat Birth Stories

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  • jane Broderick

    You sure are busy !! They are all sooooooooooooo cute 🙂

    • goatmilkstuff

      Totall agree (with both statements)! LOL PJ

  • sandra mcgeough

    Those babies are just precious

    • goatmilkstuff

      Yes, they are. 🙂 PJ