Bart and Bert

When our goats give birth, there are usually 5 or 6 people around to help with things like bringing towels, getting water, watching the other goats, and other odd jobs that need to be done when a goat is going into labor.

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With Bathsheba, there were about 12 people around. About 6 of these people had never seen a goat birth before. Our cousins were visiting for the day and around noon when they arrived, Bathsheba was ready to go.

From the early morning hours on we had known she was getting super close. Bathsheba is one of those rather shy, skiddish types of goats that we haven’t completely figured out yet. She has a reputation around here for being a little strange compared to some of our other lovable, hug-able goats. On this morning though, she was being loving and wanted attention. Besides the usual goat symptoms of going into labor, her being loving and wanting attention was a sign that she was ready to go.

With all of the visitors, and the fact that Bathsheba is a 2 year old and didn’t kid last year, we weren’t sure what to expect from her first delivery.

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She did a great job pushing out two big healthy bucklings! We named them Bart and Bert. They ate right away (the boys usually eat a little faster than the girls), and were standing up and active very quickly also. I guess at their size they were ready to get out and have fun!

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2015 kid count: 27 doelings, 24 bucklings
2015 doe status (33 total): 21 does kidded, 12 left to go
2 set of quads, 7 sets of triplets, 10 set of twins, 2 singles

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