Zalaxy and Zelena

Things are always busy and a tad bit crazy here at Goat Milk Stuff. Kidding season is no exception. Just like the holiday season for the soap, kidding season for the goats is all hands on deck.

Well, all hands on deck is hard to accomplish if we get a last minute publicity event 12 hours away in Wisconsin. We have developed some awesome relationships with other local goat owners and we also know that we can count on our employees to step it up while we’re gone. With all that said, Zany was ready to burst and we had to leave. We didn’t have an exact date on her but we could tell she was getting very close. Our friend who helps in the barn was staying here to watch the house, feed the goats, and just overall keep an eye on things. I asked him specifically to keep an eye on Zany because she was my favorite baby from last year.

Well, Andrew did a great job and he helped deliver Zany’s two babies. They were both very healthy and very beautiful. Two girls! We named Zalaxy and Zelena (Zelena has the white stripe).

zany baby goats_blog_1

Zany did an excellent job and so did Andrew! He called the guys in the soap room to come down and help him get the babies dried off while he took care of Zany. Overall it was a great team effort from the entire Goat Milk Stuff crew.

zany baby goats_blog

zany baby goats_blog_2

zany baby goats_blog_3

zany baby goats_blog_4

zany baby goats_blog_6

zany baby goats_blog_7

zany baby goats_blog_9

It was so exciting to come home and see the newborn kids!

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