Filming The Huckabee Show

I was working in the soaproom on the 1st of May when Mom called me into the office. “We might be going to New York to film a TV spot!” she said.

“How soon?” I asked.

“Well, if it happens, we’d be filming on Saturday the 10th, so we’d be leaving a few days before then.”

The next day, our trip was confirmed, and we were left with the task of preparing a family of ten for a NYC trip in only five days.

Dad worked some magic and found us a hotel within a block of the filming location, at the Fox Business studio. We got our flight information, told Grandma (who was supposed to come visit us that week) that we were going to NYC and she should change her flight to NYC.

We had three days in New York before filming, and they flew by so quickly, we could barely believe it was actually time to film when we got dressed in our super fancy clothes and headed for the studio.

Jonas New York 14_blog_114We got to the studio and hung out in the lobby for a while.

Jonas New York 14_blog_115

Then it was time to head back to the studio.

Jonas New York 14_blog_117

Where they had food waiting. They must have known my siblings were coming.

Jonas New York 14_blog_118

We had lots of fun waiting for our segment to film.

Jonas New York 14_blog_119

They took us into the studio for a dry run, before the audience arrived. Indigo decided that she couldn’t be parted from her sandwich, so she brought it with her. They gave us the microphones we would be using and had us practice what we would say. Indigo tried to say her lines around the mouthful of sandwich, which made everyone laugh.

Jonas New York 14_blog_123

Once we’d finished the dry run, we went back into the “green room”, the room where we were going to wait for our segment, and the girls went into hair and makeup.

Jonas New York 14_blog_127

Jonas New York 14_blog_131

Jade didn’t really want anything done to her.

Jonas New York 14_blog_132

Indigo, however, wanted everything.

Jonas New York 14_blog_133

I got my hair curled.

Jonas New York 14_blog_135

And Mom got her makeup done.

Jonas New York 14_blog_136

Indigo wanted a picture with me, since we had the same lip gloss on.

Jonas New York 14_blog_137

Then Mom, Grandma, and I got pictures with Tony Orlando, who was there filming a segment too.

Jonas New York 14_blog_128

Jonas New York 14_blog_130

We also got a picture with Lou Dobbs.

Jonas New York 14_blog_138

After that, there wasn’t anything to do except wait. Earlier, I had grabbed a deck of cards and tossed it into my bag, so I pulled it out and gave it to the kids, who played something while I talked to the Assistant Producer.

Jonas New York 2014_blog_17

Jonas New York 14_blog_140

“It’s time to go in, Jonas Family,” someone said, and we all filed into the studio.

Jonas New York 14_blog_141

As we sat down in the front row, I heard several people behind us saying how cute we were. Some of the older boys and I grinned at each other as we took the mics from the man handing them to us. We hear that we’re cute all the time, and it always makes us smile.

Jonas New York 14_blog_142

The segment went really quickly, everyone did a great job, and before we knew it we were taking a picture with Governor Huckabee and leaving the studio.

Jonas New York 14_blog_143

Filming the Huckabee Show was a great experience.  Thanks to everyone at the Huckabee show who made it enjoyable!  I hope everyone enjoyed our segment.




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  • jane Broderick

    totally awesome ! thanks for sharing !

    • goatmilkstuff

      Glad you got to see it, Jane! 🙂 PJ

  • Nice blog! Loved seeing you guys on Huckabee! Will visit your farm in November on our annual trip from CT to Indiana!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Thanks, Karoline! I look forward to meeting you. 🙂 PJ

  • Mary K

    Good blog. Thank you for sharing your latest adventure! Good family, good soap!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Thanks, Mary! I appreciate that. 🙂 PJ

  • Micah Tidwell

    Awesome Brett! Thanks for sharing! Glad you all had fun!

    • goatmilkstuff

      It was an AMAZING trip. 🙂 PJ

  • Carolyn

    Saw you on Huckabee and could not wait to order your soap! Very interesting family, enjoyed seeing how you all work together.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Thanks, Carolyn! Hope you love what you ordered. 🙂 PJ