Autumn on the River

One of the first festivals we ever sold soap at was Autumn on the River in Bethlehem, Indiana. It’s this little town right on the river filled with very friendly people. It’s our last outdoor show of the season, so sometimes the weather is nice and sometimes it’s not so nice.

Fortunately, we had a gorgeous, sunny day this year.

Indigo was very happy to have her face (and arm painted):

Greyden is knitting washcloths now, and concentrates very hard on it:

Emery also worked very hard:

And then he decided to play:


Which made Jade very tired:

So Jim and I decided to take the girls for a walk.  And whatever Indigo did, Jade had to do also.

Sitting with Dad:


Taking a look at the river by herself:


Playing with the stuffed people:


Seeing if she was bigger than the tree:


Checking out the sunflower:


I’m so glad that so far Indigo is a good role model. LOL



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  • Ariana

    I just found your blog through a link somewhere and love it! This looks like such a fun time. I'm glad the weather was great for it.

    And I love your kids names.