Parenting Styles

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 070.
I’ve spent several months now talking about the importance of studying your children and getting to know their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as their learning styles and love languages.  During this podcast episode, I encourage you to study yourself as I talk about parenting styles.


Parenting styles are the “emotional climate” which characterizes your home and the manner in which you raise your children.  This differs from parenting practices, which are the specific steps you take to parent your child.

The Four Parenting Styles

  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative
  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved

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Thanks for listening! Please join me for next weeks episode when I discus  how to overcome sibling rivalry with Dr. Todd Cartmell, author of the book Keep the Siblings, Lose the Rivalry*.



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