Parent Your Children as Individuals

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 057.
Over the years of parenting 8 children, I have discovered that to be a truly effective parent, you have to modify your parenting style to account for the uniqueness of each of your individual children.

parent your children as individuals

Because our kids do not learn the same, think the same, behave the same, or respond the same, we should not parent them the same.   During this episode I share 8 principles that I hope will help you to figure out what this actually looks like in your daily parenting.


Listener Questions

Susan: How do you handle treating them differently in punishing and rewarding so that you don’t get protests from them that it isn’t fair? Or how do you help them understand that it’s ok not to be treated equally in punishment/rewards?

Andrea: I need help in this area. My youngest is constantly comparing everything and we keep telling him that “fair isn’t equal”  We give him examples of what we do for him and his sister that is different based on their preferences and needs. He understands for about a second and then gets upset when there is a difference that appears unfair.

Amy: Do you feel that younger children get different treatment than older kids since there are more toys, money, time etc. for them then the older kids did? being the oldest of four i felt that a lot growing up. but then again.. i got out of the house first

Amanda: How do you deal with kids telling on each other and when do you step in?

Nicole: My kids are only 1 year and 16 days apart in age. My son is 7 and daughter is 6. Is it ok to have birthday parties together and how long is it ok? We have always done them together but when is a good age to let them have their own? We have separate themes for each of them so keep it individual for them.

Thanks for listening!  Please join me next week when I talk about how to strengthen your family unit.


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  • Lanita Adams

    Thank you for this episode! I have been reading the book Boundaries by Dr.Henry Cloud and Dr.John Townsend. It is wonderful to hear from you about studying our children and treating them as individuals. Thanks again!

    • goatmilkstuff

      I read that book when it first came out. I don’t remember much about it, but remembered liking it. Glad you enjoyed it!