How To Create a Strong Family Unit

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 058.
For Jim and I, having a strong family unit is a very important goal.  I have always wanted my children to be each other’s best friends, which is one of the reasons we had them so close together.

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I also know that Jim and I are not going to live forever.  Some day my children are going to be grown adults without me there to unite them.  The relationships they have with each other matter to me and it’s our goal to strengthen family bonds now, so that the children can always count on each other.

During this episode, I discuss why having a strong family unit is important and I give you ten steps to strengthening your family.  Developing a strong family does take time, but it is an investment that is worth it!  You’ll also get to hear Emery’s opinion on our family as he joins me to answer some questions.


Listener Questions

Amie: Should you require your children to go to every game/event of their siblings? Some of these seasons are really long!

Amie: Should friends be included/allowed at an already planned Family Night?


Thanks for listening!  Please join me next week as I talk about the expectations of busy moms and their ideas of perfection.


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  • Tammy ‘Townsend’ Reicherts

    I truly love this. When my youngest son Hunter (2) was an infant I read a story about a mother who regularly stressed the importantce of her children being best friends. Now she had a boy and girl with about 4 years in between them and yet it was still very successful for her. I have two boys Jackson (4) and Hunter (2) who are 25 months apart and from the moment I read that we have done the same. We encourage them to hug each other every night before bed. Remind them when times are tough and squabbles happen that they are best friends and always point out best friends in the books and movies they love. It goes hand and hand with so many of our other values like trust and forgiveness it seems odd not to do it. My husband grew up with 3 brothers and they were so far apart in age or torn apart from extreme favoritism that to this day he doesn’t feel very bonded with them which is unfortunate. Thanks for the great post!

    • goatmilkstuff

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I have some siblings that I am not very close to. It’s always made me sad and is just one reason I had my children close together and want them to be friends.
      Good for you on putting in the effort!!