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Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 022.
Have you ever heard the expression, “He is a born leader?”  While I do think there are people who are natural leaders, I also believe that leadership skills can be taught.  I focus a lot on teaching my children to be leaders because I want them to have the strength to believe they can lead themselves and others to success.


During this podcast episode I talk about the intense experience we’ve sent Colter and Brett on to help them meet new people, have fun, and build their leadership skills.  I also interview Emery who is very insightful on some of the leadership skills of the Jonas family members.

If you’d like to strengthen your children’s (or your own) leadership skills, there are four principles that are discussed:

Knowledge: To lead people, there needs to be a solid knowledge base about the subject matter. Help your children to become confident in their knowledge and it will be easier for them to lead.

Opportunity: We have to step back and allow our children the opportunity to lead.  If we’re always stepping in, we do not allow them the chance to be leaders.

Example: Set an example for your children of how good leaders behave.  Bad leaders “push”; good leaders “pull”.  Point out examples of good leadership for them to mimic.

Confidence:  While you can’t give your children confidence, you can help them to cultivate it by allowing them the opportunity to fail and giving them lots of  opportunities to practice their leadership skills.

What about you?  Are you a natural leader?  Or is it something you had (or still need) to develop?

Thanks for listening!  Tune in next week when I talk about privacy and how it affects our lives.


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  • JustTheFlax

    Back when my husband and I were in charge of youth group at our church, we brought the kids to an outdoor team building event. It was run by experts, and they knew what they were doing! Anyway, my husband and I kind of stood back and watched the kids during each exercise. I could not believe the leadership qualities that came out in my own daughter! Had never seen it before in day-to-day activities around our home. I was so proud of her and so amazed. I will never forget it. I encourage all parents to let your kids experience this type of thing!

  • goatmilkstuff

    That’s awesome!  It’s so great to see our children “come into their own”.  And I think we, as parents, sometimes need to just get ourselves out of their way. 🙂