Sometimes It’s Best To Say “No”

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 033.
Busy moms always have plenty to do.  And yet, it seems like we’re always asked to do more.  Sometimes it’s people outside of our family who are doing the asking. Sometimes it’s our spouses or our children. But quite often, it’s ourselves who are doing the asking.  We hold ourselves up to certain expectations and find ourselves unable to let anyone (including ourselves) down and so we say yes and do things that we shouldn’t be doing.

The Doctors

I’ve learned how important it is to say “no”.  It is important for me and it is important for my children. Because when you say “no”, it frees you up to say “yes” to other things.

But just because it is important, that doesn’t make it easy.  During this podcast episode I discuss the fact that I have learned to say “no” even to some important things in my life.  Indigo joins me and we discuss some fun family things and how she feels about Mom telling her “no”.

For me, I have the most difficulty when I have to say no to my Goat Milk Stuff customers.  I find myself wanting to give them everything they ask for.  I’d love to hear in what situations you most struggle with saying “no”.

Thanks for listening!  Join me next week as I talk about the rewards of spontaneity.


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