Feeding Your Family V – Teach Children to Cook II

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 048.
It is important to me that my children learn how to cook.  But that is not enough.  I also desire for them to love (or at least to enjoy) cooking.


So during this episode, I am joined by my son, Emery, who is now 13.  Emery has been cooking for years and he shares some of his thoughts and feelings on children (both himself and others) learning to cook.  Emery also helps me answer listener questions and I think you’ll love hearing what he has to say.

Listener Questions

Lauren: How did you start getting your kids involved in the kitchen? Mine love to help with cakes and things but how did you know what tasks to give them at what ages?

Karen: At what ages did you let them do a particular task (knowing that it of course varies per child) like use a knife, cook at the stove or remove something from the oven etc. On the flip side, what are the best ”jobs” for the little ones to start out with?

Monica, Maria, Amanda: I’d love to hear how you have them do it at various ages: under 6, 7-10, etc.

Dwell: Interested in hearing about young children in the kitchen….my oldest is 7.

Episodes in the Series


Do your children help to cook?  If so, what do they do at their current age?

Thanks for listening!  Please join me next week as Emery and I finish the series on teaching your children to cook.


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  • Jennifer

    My oldest (12) is on a quest for the perfect biscuits. Today’s batch was 2 cups self-rising flour, 1 cup whipping cream. Really tasty! 🙂

    He loves to bake and I leave him to it. However, as he was “teaching” his 3 year old brother how to measure water and oil into the bowl for brownies he neglected to add the egg.

    We got a chemistry lesson in why brownies need eggs to come out right. They snacked on the rock-hard chocolate mess, and the second batch – with egg – turned out much better!!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Love it! I’ve always found that the recipes they mess up end up making them much better cooks. LOL PJ

  • Gloris

    Thank you for the information on the Knitting Bowl. I ordered one for a friend (she does not knit but loves pottery and was delighted with the bowl). I put wool and knitting needles in the bowl to show what it was for and mentioned (as the employee at Ayers said “it can be used for anything” I suggested “it was a good conversation piece”.

    • goatmilkstuff

      I’m so glad! That’s great to hear. 🙂 PJ