My Interview with Bev Smith

I absolutely love radio interviews.  All I have to do is call in (or wait for them to call me) a minute or so before I’m set to be on the air and talk into the telephone – piece of cake!


Don’t have to worry about what outfit to wear.

Don’t have to worry about makeup.

Don’t have to worry about the possibility of food stuck in your teeth.

You just have to worry about stuttering, saying ummmm 1000 times, or having a coughing fit.

One of the hardest parts about radio interviews is learning not talk at the same time that the interviewer is talking (or laugh at a joke).  Once you start to talk you can’t hear them, so you can’t tell if the both of you are talking at the same time.

You also need to remember to turn off your call waiting – otherwise if somebody “beeps” in, you miss what the interviewer is saying – which is not a good thing when you’re live (ask me how I know that).

My first radio interview, I expected a fuzzy introduction.  Something like, “Hi PJ, in a couple of moments we’re going to go live and I’ll ask you questions and you answer them.  Now say something and we’ll see how the volume is.”

Nope! Generally, the first word you hear is live on the air.  That was a little intmidating the first time. LOL

But I think the hardest part of radio interviews is convincing the children that mom is doing something that REALLY can’t be interrupted.  My first interview ever, Jim was supposed to be watching the children in the soap room.  Unfortunately, he was also listening to my interview, and didn’t notice Indigo sneaking out of the soap room.  I literally finished the interview and hung up the phone 2 seconds before she pounded on my bedroom door and yelled, “I need to go potty!!”

Wow, that was close.

Needless to say Jim learned a valuable lesson every mom knows – your kids will always sneak away the exact moment you need them to stay exactly where you put them!


We spent last night at a hotel room in Pennsylvania (we’re selling soap at the PA Christmas show).  We went out to dinner (Perkins) then we played for an hour in the pool and hot tub with the children.  After that, we all showered/bathed and got dressed in our pajamas.

I must say, it’s amazing to be interviewed by a wonderful woman (Bev Smith) while sitting in your pajamas in your hotel room with the children watching a movie (or in this case Animal Planet) so they don’t interrupt. 

I had a wonderful talk with Bev – she made it very easy on me because she’s in love with our soap and kept saying so.  That meant she did more of the talking than I did!

If you missed my radio interview with Bev Smith, you can listen to it here

Let me know what you think of the interview!


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  • Gerald Hale

    Hello, I've never been to your site before but someone on facebook recommended it. I was curious as to what ingredients other than goat's milk you put in your products. My family and I are Kosher and just wondered if we would be able to use your products.

    Thank you,
    Gerald Hale

  • PJ Jonas

    Hi Gerald,

    The ingredients vary by product and are listed on the website under each individual product. You could definitely use the organic castile – it's just olive oil and goat milk. The liquid soaps should also be fine.
    The think to understand is that soap is soap – the ingredients have been chemically altered to become soap, so I'm not sure how keeping kosher applies to that.

    Hope that helps!