Watch Your Words

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast Episode 017.
Words are very powerful and yet most of us use them without much thought.  I have been the victim of words that were carelessly spoken and have wounded me deeply.  I’m sad to say that I’ve been on the other end as well and have uttered words before I thought about the impact that they would have.  Both of these experiences have taught me to be more careful with my speech.

Watch Your Words

I think that as parents we cannot teach our children to control their words unless we first learn to control our words.  During this podcast episode I discuss some of the things that I have been learning and some of the changes that I’m trying to make with how I speak.  I even share one “bad” word that I’m trying to eradicate from my vocabulary since my children have started saying it and I don’t like hearing it out of their mouths.

Brett also joins me to discuss tone of voice and some of the things that she struggles with when it comes to her brothers.

I hope you enjoying listening to this episode.  I would love to hear an example of how you’ve used or received words that have hurt you or built you up and how it changed you.

Thanks for listening!  Join me next week as I talk about the importance of chores.


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  • Vickidill

    Great picture! Emery has to remember his words will come back to haunt him when he’s running for state senator! 🙂 Just teasing, Emery!

    • goatmilkstuff

      Yes, we had fun taking those photos.  You made me laugh, but I think your point is really valid.  Who knows what we’re going to be x years from now and what will come back to haunt us!