What A Charmer

We’ve spent the weekend selling soap at the Stewart Christmas Show here in Louisville.  The children all take shifts working at the booth selling soap.  If you’ve never seen my children in action, I have to admit that they are natural born salesmen.

Emery Jonas

People tell us all the time that we’ve done a great job training the children to sell, but the truth is that we did very little, and they picked most of it up on their own.

Here’s the perfect example.

Today an older woman walked up to Emery and was talking to him about the soap.  After a few minutes, the conversation went like this:

Customer: “Do you have anything for old lady skin?”

Emery: “Why do YOU ask?”

The customer was ecstatic about Emery’s response and laughingly called Jim and I over to share Emery’s comment. She told us that we were going to have to keep our eye on this one.

We agreed.  He’s a charmer, that one.

But it’s a good point to make that you don’t need to be pushy to be a good salesman.  You can use your natural personality and skills and be charming instead.  Emery is such a charming salesman because he’s always authentic, and never fake.

What about you, are you comfortable with selling? Or is it a struggle for you?




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