I got Brett a sewing machine* for Christmas. We kept trying to sit down together and go over some sewing basics.

But things kept interfering.

So Brett took matters into her own hands.

For her first ever sewing project, she made Indigo a nightgown:

Gotta love homeschooled kids and their initiative.  Pretty impressive, don’t you think?






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  • Anita

    Way to go, Brett! I haven't done too well in the sewing department. A few years ago we bought a second-hand NICE sewing machine and serger from a friend's mother who was in the early stages of dementia. She threw in all her sewing notions, fabrics and books. This was supposed to be for my second daughter who is now 22. We never really did much with it. Now my third daughter is 11 and I think I need to see if we can't get some sewing lessons going. I feel like such a failure investing all that money and not putting it to use!