Work Hard…

When we first started Goat Milk Stuff and needed a “tag line”, Jim came up with: “Work Hard. Get Dirty. Use Good Soap.TM

Sometimes I think our family tag line should be: Work Hard. Play Hard. Sleep Hard.

You may remember this blog post about the results of Jade playing hard at Disney.  And then there was this post about Emery sleeping.

Here are a few more recent photos of the girls demonstrating the “Sleep Hard” part of our motto:



The last one is my favorite. We had gone to Holiday World for the whole day and on the way home we decided to stop at Sam’s Club and get a pizza (actually we order 3). Here’s how excited Jade was about the prospect of pizza:


Yep, passed out in Indigo’s lap.  Indigo looks like she’s pretty close to passing out too.  That’s us! Definitely working hard, playing hard, and sleeping hard.



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  • sandra mcgeough

    I was so tired when i got home from Disney World it took me at least a week to recoop.I know how those little ones feel.

    • goatmilkstuff

      Exactly! 🙂