Poison Ivy

Emery keeps getting poison ivy on his feet. We don’t know how he keeps managing to do it, but he does. We’ve washed every pair of shoes the kid owns, and he still will get it periodically.

So I’ve decided to make a poison ivy soap. Jewelweed is the best plant for fighting poison ivy. Since we don’t have any growing on our property, I sent out a facebook SOS and found some friends who have it growing.

They harvested a whole bunch of it for us, and Fletcher got the job of processing it through the food processor:

Fletcher processing jewelweed 0 00 37-02__blog

Fletcher is the king of the food processor. I’ve always got him using that thing for something. Here’s a video of him at work. You can also see Jade and Indigo as well. At the end of the video are jars filled with the cut up jewelweed and oil. I’m letting those sit for several weeks, and then we’ll use that oil to make soaps and lotion sticks.

Poor Emery, he’s getting rather impatient!



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  • Holly

    Oh wow! That is something I definitely want to try. We go on family walks in the woods all the time, and I am constantly steering them away from the "Pretty plant". The inevitable is bound to happen one day!